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Why is prostitution mostly illegal in the US?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8728points) November 27th, 2019

Is someone trying to regulate “morality”? If ao, are they trying to regulate the women’s morality or the men’s?

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In America it is about people wanting to regulate morality. The women get in trouble, because the men who have had power historically certainly didn’t want to go to jail, or even be found out.

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To me most feminism issues now end up having negative effects on women and womens rights. To me, its serving male interests 100% with any dangers all on the women.

Yes, its a choice, but I’ve known a few and its not a good life.

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Combination of two things:

1) Men trying once again to control women and what they can do.

2) The religious kooks trying to paint a morality excuse on it. (of course, forgetting that there were prostitutes all over the Bible, and the Bible is the infallible word of god, right?)

Those work hand in hand. Men lusting for power, and men lusting.

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@elbanditoroso No, the bible acknowledges they exist, not in a positive encouragement. Lets not get it twisted.

Sodom and Gomorah for instance, was not a shining example of a Godly city, it was anything goes.

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It’s all about trying to legislate morality.

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Ironic you ask this on Thanksgiving, since much of America’s prudish take on sex derives from the Pilgrims (the Puritans).

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Aside from the morality issues, prostitution presents many other issues. First is that the women (or men) who are prostitutes are in danger of being beaten or killed in their daily roles. Putting yourself in an intimate, exposed position with total strangers is not a safe situation day in and day out.
Second is the health aspect. STDs are rampant with about a 3rd of the population dealing with them. We spend tens of billions of dollars on treatment each year. Legalizing prostitution would increase the potential contacts significantly. These numbers would likely go up quite a bit.
Another aspect, while it could be viewed as morality, is the impact on the nuclear family. There is ample proof that broken homes cause all sorts of issues with any children as well as stress and psychological issues on the couple. Legalizing prostitution would only lead to more cheating men and more divorces. More children growing up in single parent homes. I don’t view this as much a morality issue as I do a health aspect.

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“Legalizing prostitution would only lead to more cheating men and more divorces.”

I seriously doubt that.

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@KNOWITALLTo me most feminism issues now end up having negative effects on women and womens rights. To me, its serving male interests 100% with any dangers all on the women.” I’m not sure what your point is. Yes, it serves male interest 100% and leaves women open to the dangers, which is an argument for legalizing it, but what does feminism have to do with it?

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Legal prostitution decreases violence on sex workers, increases health opportunities and access to medical help for sex workers, and is not nearly as problematic for families as illegal prostitution.

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^^^ That’s right. Plus they’d be paying taxes that they aren’t paying now. I bet it’s a billion dollar industry! In fact, I’m gonna start looking for a cat house to buy right now!

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Hell. I could get rich and not do any thing except keep the books! @grimm would be my peace keeper! @KNOWITALL could be there to lead the ladies back to Jesus after every job! Who’s with me?!

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@Dutchess Spiritual and mental health counselor, sure, they may need that.

Grimmy I’d trust with security, as well as you with books.

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Dutchess’s Cat House! Woot Woot!

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@jca2 The Dutchess is a good madame name, too

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It is, isn’t it! Let me think on this.

First we need a name.

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Dutchess’ Dungeon of Dirty Delights?

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I would have suggested In and Out Bugger, but that’s already taken.

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“Dey come and dey go, and dey go and dey come and I’m POOPED, man!”
10 points to name that movie.

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Blazing Saddles.

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