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What kind of job would you be terrible at?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31427points) 5 days ago


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Santa Claus at a department store.
I frickin hate other people’s kids see & beating them up ain’t in the job description so…

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A waitress. The first time someone bitched about something, I would dump a drink or food on them.

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@chyna I love you & don’t care who knows it! :D

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Anything involving food service. Too messy, too hot.

I remember as a young teenager, we basically had three choices for jobs: 1) food service, 2) grocery store, 3) clothing/gift store.

I always went for clothing/gift store.

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Diver. I don’t like deep water and I have to hold my nose so I’m out.

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@ucme -Bad Santa?
@chyna-At least you made it to the table with the drink still in the cup. XD
@cookieman -I can’t blame you.
@Coolhandluke -Use a wooden clothespin so you’ll float. :D

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@lucillelucillelucille Well, check my pic out & you decide!
I think I look sassy with hair :D

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Air traffic controller.
<Insert witty reason here>

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@rebbel Problems with narcolepsy?

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Caregiver. I tried a job as a caregiver but although I love people and have compassion, wiping adult hineys and things, I just don’t have the patience for. Hella depressing, too and I already live in my head too much.
All respect to caregivers, but if you need a Thelma and Louise moment, I’m your girl.

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Waiter. I’d forget your order within seconds.
Rather than have you ask for napkins I’d give extras to everyone ordering something messy.
You want a Coke refill? Do you realize how much sugar is in that? Look at you! Get up and get it yourself if you want it so bad!
And eat more vegetables for crissake! Our medical system, and these chairs, can’t keep supporting your stupid eating decisions!

I’d probably miss out on a lot of tips.

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@KNOWITALL -I hear ya.
@LuckyGuy – That restaurant would be great next to a gym!

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Sheriff of evictions

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Being serious for a moment…that’s all I can last!
Any job where you sit for the majority of the time & is repetitive & dull, count me out.
Be like a tiger pacing in a cage.

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@stanleybmanly -I would not love that one either.

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Basketball player. I am barely 5’ tall and clumsy. I would do better as the basketball.

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I want to be @LuckyGuy ‘s best friend after his answer!

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@Coolhandluke -He’d be the perfect motivational coach!

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@lucillelucillelucille I genuinely winced lol

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@ucme My work is complete.

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A bartender. Vodka nearly killed me and best I make my paycheck doing something less volatile.

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Stand up comedy. I just don’t have the talent to stand and talk like that. One liners is the best I can do.

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Food server. I wouldn’t be able to put up with people’s crap.

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Clinical psychologist. I have a bad memory for names. Unless that is a good thing?

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@RedDeerGuy1 -Call everyone “Hey, you!”:)

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@Coolhandluke Let’s go out for dinner some time. :-)

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Model, I am the opposite of photogenic

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@rebbel Air traffic controller.
<Insert witty reason here>

I can’t be an air traffic controller because my air for head is equal to my head for air.

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A therapist. I’d be too direct, and hurt feelings. Okay wait a minute, the one job I’d really suck at would be a Priest. I cuss too much, I drink whiskey and like to back bullies down. During confession, I’d say: “OMG that’s so cool, you got any pictures?” Need I say more?

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I can’t think of one…

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^ @josie “I’d like my eggs fried but slightly runny and the bacon crispy but not dry. And Vegan butter spread on my toast. Is the jelly packaged? If not please put it on the side. And I’d like a take out box with 3 extra napkins. And a water. Are yo sure that coffee is decaf?”

My head would explode. :-)

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@Lucky With my ocd, I kind of enjoyed waitressing in hs. Making everything perfect for each person was challenging.

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@josie -You’re hired to sing this every morning in place of my alarm clock.

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