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When you think of your home, what immediately comes to mind?

Asked by Vignette (2874points) 1 week ago

What makes you think of your house as your home? What of your home can you identify that embodies that feeling you get when you walk in your front door?

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Dogs and bed, my true loves…haha!

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Hah! @KNOWITALL Add a few guitars to that duo and I am home!

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Warmth and artwork.

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The artwork on my walls, the books in the bookcases.

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The people in it.

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My dog. My stuff. It’s all me.

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Comfort and security. Lots of art, good reading chairs, books, the gas fire I installed last year, shifting natural light through the day, quilts on the beds, warm colors.

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@lucillelucillelucille Artwork can add a lot of warmth to a home. @zenvelo What kind of artwork do you hang on the walls? Any artist in particular?

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My pillows and cats, and of course my family.

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@Vignette No particular artist, just various post WWII graphics.

I have a numbered Picasso lithograph, some lithographs I bought in Vermont, some framed batik artwork, some other prints I have collected over the years, I also have some lithographs I bought in Italy and Spain while on vacation.

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We’re thinking of buy an acre in the small farming community that my son lives in, and putting our new camper on it while we build. I keep fretting over the idea of putting all my furniture and paintings and misc. in storage….those things kind of define me.

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An explosion of love, laughter & the stove if the wife attempted to cook.

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My living room sofas. Large and comfy. We always buy sofas that are very deep where you sit. Shirt people tend to need a pillow or two behind their back to sit up. I’m always with my feet up on an ottoman or some sort of position that is half reclining.

Also, seeing outside from my warm and comfortable interior of my house. I love seeing out at the blue skies and green grass where I live. In TN I was in the woods surrounded by trees and wildlife.

I have some framed pictures that make a house or apartment my home.

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Blessed silence on demand.

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