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What is the worst or freakiest date you've ever been on?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 30th, 2008

Was it a first date? Did you ever date that person again? Did you have to (or try to) leave midway?

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Worst first date…About 15 minutes in he begged to suck my feet. I got out of his car and called a cab….

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The first official date I ever went on, was horrible.
He and I walked downtown and what not, and he started talking about having sex with his friends mom, he was boosting about it.
He went into all these details, and he just never stopped.
So eventually I called my dad to pick me up.
So at school the next day, he told everyone that I was a homophobic bitch, when I’m bi, it was a wooow, sorta thing.

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McBean said:
One of my earliest, scariest dates happened when Iwas very young – about 22. I had a crush on an older man associated with the industry in which I worked at the time. When he invited me to his house for dinner, I accepted without reservation (or any forethought). He lived way, way out in the desert (I lived in Tucson then) and though I was a bit uncomfortable with the area (kind of the “wrong” part of the desert), I brushed it off as being silly. During dinner, he started talking about the Italians and Jews and every other ethnic and/or racial group he felt affected his life negatively. It made me very nervous and upset. I didn’t bother to negate him at all because I already suspected that he was not a reasonable man. I made the decision to leave as soon as I could.

As soon as dinner was over he came around the table, took my arm and said he had something he wanted to show me. He walked me to a closet door, opened it, and showed me his arsenal. He held me tightly against him – my back to his front as we peered into the closet – and played with my hair; all while preaching about our right to bear arms and protect “our way of life”. He tried to convince me to stay and “relax” with him when I thanked him for the “lovely dinner” and told him I had to wake early in the morning and needed to get some sleep. Still gives me the heebie-geebies to think about it. Ugh.

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In brief, long ago, I went out once with a grad. student from an Ivy League school. For the uninvited good-night kiss, he essentially swallowed my head.

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@gail: Yeow! Apparently, grad school didn’t cover the etiquette of kissing?

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I don’t have anthing too scary, but I did feel bad for my friend who went on a date with a guy who was first of all, a wreckles driver and then asked her if she had implants. she said no, and he actually had the nerve to ask if she was sure. i thought that was pretty ridiculous.

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Two times things went weird. With the first woman, in the middle of a Burger King meal, she starts talking, then YELLING about God. Then she STOOD UP to yell about God. People were looking at us. She pulled out a photo of herself, for no rhyme or reason, and it had biblical text typed all over it! I remember making believe I looked at my watch and said “Oh it’s late, I have to go”. I left (on foot). She followed. This actually scared me. Finally I stopped walking and told her to back off. She STILL followed me! Finally, I ran and was able to loose her.

At another time, with another woman, I said something and SHE started in with religion. With both of these women, religion came out of the clear blue sky. She started to scold me about insulting religion (which I didn’t). She actually started to get nasty about it in the cab. I had to tell her if she didn’t “silence herself”, I would throw her OUT of that cab. No good night kiss for me!

Maybe God was sending me a message?

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He was a “nice” guy, but it was a weird date. I was set up by a friend with this guy. He liked a lot of the same things I did – running, being outside, just a good guy. Since I would never let anyone pick me up at my house, that whole safety thing, I had a friend say just have him pick you up here – she lived in an apartment and was moving, that weekend to another apartment. He picked me up – nice, but kind of looked like Al from Tool Time, not bad, but not my usual type. I’m not a full beard kind of person. He took me to a nice steakhouse, but complained about what I ordered – I didn’t order it right. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t want my steak to moo, so I ordered it medium well. I went to the restroom, and evidently, he “reordered” for me. My steak was rare. He said he fixed my order. GRRR! After I sent it back, to be cooked a bit more, I was ready to say good night and take a cab to my friend’s apartment, but he said he bought tickets to a movie. Earlier, he asked what movies I wanted to see – I decided to just give him the benefit of the doubt. We went to the movie, but it was a Star Trek movie and I was the ONLY female in the audience! Finally, he drove me to my friend’s apartment, I told him I was fine to walk myself up and he insisted. We got to her door and he said, ” I sure would like to kiss you, but my mother taught me it was very wrong to slobber all over someone on the first date.” I agreed!

Needless to say, that was my last date with him.

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@Mr_M: You sure do know how to pick ‘em! :-)

@cak: Sounds like a really looooong night.

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@McBean….oh yeah!

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I long time ago, I went on a date with a woman who worked in a County department across the hall from mine. The date went well until the end of the night, when she asked me to drop her off around the corner from her parents house (where she still lived) because her father was Mexican and “hated white guys.” I told her that I didn’t foresee a relationship burgeoning between us, and never spoke to her again. However, she called me three times after that anyway.

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I don’t know if this qualifies or not for the parameters you’ve set, but I’ll mention 3 blind dates I had, that were all OK, but, shall we say, “different,” and these all occurred, while I was in college.

The first one I was introduced to (by mutual friends), at a pizza place, and when I saw her, I was truly enchanted. She was as beautiful as any woman I had ever met. She was also, totally deaf. But, Gawd bless her, she was an excellent lip-reader, and we had a wonderful evening, and several more dates, after that.

The second girl I met at a friend’s party, and she was also incredibly pretty, but didn’t speak a word of English, and because I had never visited her native Brazil, I didn’t speak Portuguese. But, we managed to communicate with each other through one of her English-speaking girlfriends, so it was like we had a chaperone with us, all night. But, it was kind of fun, in a way, all three of us in the same bed…

Lastly, some mutual friends introduced me to “Claudia” at another party, and she was also a knockout, but when she stood up to dance with me, she was about a head taller than me, at 6’ 3”. I told her that that didn’t bother me at all, and we made quite the couple, whenever we went out. Eventually, I bought a pair of “elevator shoes,” which added about 2” to my own height, and she wore “flats,” so we were equal in height, and didn’t attract so many stares and comments from strangers.

Claudia always had a neat retort in reply to someone who would comment on our height difference. She’d say, “He and I are actually the same height, but he’s been ill, lately.”

What amazed me, was how many folks actually believed her.

September 4, 2008, 1:44 AM EDT

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Last year, I went through a fairly nasty experience with this guy that left me kind of floundering, so after that ended, I didn’t do very much dating. During the summer, though, I thought I might as well try and get back on the horse. So, my best friend’s boyfriend gave the screenname of one of his friends cuz I had seen pictures of him and thought he was cute. We started talking and always had good conversations online so we decided to meet up and go to a movie. That first date went quite well, I thought, so I suggested we go out again. he agreed, but then didn’t talk to me for a week. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that he didn’t like me nearly as much as I liked him, but my hopes were restored when he made another date. So, he picked up and we went to his house where we started to watch a movie in his bedroom. We’re cuddling during the movie and then we start making out. Then, all of a sudden, he stops and sits up and says, “I have something I need to tell you.” I thought he was going to tell me he was a virgin, which I already knew. Instead he says, “I’m not really looking for a serious relationship right now.” We kind of stare at each other for a few minutes and then he says, “This part is always awkward,” as if he’s done this before. When he drove me home, we barely spoke and it was an extremely awkward ride.

Joke’s on him, though, cuz I got him sick and he was puking for 2 days straight!

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A guy I knew had a date with this girl I introduced him to, after he had been released from prison, for serving 15 years for a crime he did not commit and DNA evidence had exonerated him, completely.

After his date with this girl, he telephoned me to thank me for introducing her to him, but, he confessed that his date with her didn’t go as well as either of them would have wished.

He confided that, “After 15 years, my sexual skills were really bad, and I was so embarrassed because I couldn’t remember if it was me or the girl, who gets tied up, first.”

I told him, “Ladies first, of course!” (Everyone should know that!)

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