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Your way to defeat lazyness?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 30th, 2008 from iPhone

what’s the most effective method you tried that conquers it?

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So far, nothing has ever worked for me!

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I call it inertia and so far, the laws of physics apply. If I can once get myself moving (not so easy) it is easy to keep on keeping on.

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the most effective way to conquer laziness, is to have a schedule for the day…and follow it. The schedule should outline how you plan on spending the time in the day, also allowing for down time (for example to fluther etc).

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I’ve surrendered long ago.

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It’s the getting started that I find difficult.

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@gail – agreed. I don’t have much of a will power and succumb to procrastination easily. Which is why i set my schedule from the moment i wake up. If i don’t do this…i would never get any work done.

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So why are we sitting at the computer at 12:45PM my time?

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Haha. I’m not as lazy. It’s only 9:45 am where I am.

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AC: I’ll check back in three hours, after I have finished painting my house, picking all the Japanese Beetles off the roses, washing and vacuuming the car, mowing the lawn, emptying litter box, and getting my neighbor’s mail at the PO.

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Yeah, but by then it’ll be 3:45pm and only 12:45 pm for me. You’ll always be lazier on the east coast. Ha!

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But I’ll be up and at-‘em tomorrow morning while you are still snoring.

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i’ve been studying since 7 am. I am currently on break. ...12:56 pm here right now

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Ah, but I’ll…no, you’re right. I like sleep. You win.
But next week I’ll be up early everyday. Back to work on Tues.

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working out.

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Why fight it?

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Yeah. Fighting it is just too much effort. Think I’ll take a nap.

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Do you mean to say laziness can be defeated? I always figured it was part of my genetic code. To me, trying to conquer my laziness would be akin to wearing colored contacts – it is fighting the way God made me, and trying to fight that is just wrong.

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Sleep it off. ;-)

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Hard work pays off in the long run, laziness pays off right now!

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Diet pills.

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