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How do you use a home telescope?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16097points) 1 month ago

I have had three refractor telescopes, when I was a kid, and other than looking at Mars and Jupiter everything else was just a bigger dot? What legal fun things could I have done with a small refractor telescope? On the plus side I did get exempt from curfew since 10 years old.

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Legal? :D
You could always zoom in on uranus!!

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I bought one for my husband a few years ago. We look at the skies when we have bonfires.
I couldn’t tell you much about it as he is the one with interest in that sort of thing but… there is something called digi-scoping in which one uses the telescope with your camera to get closer to your subject.
I was able to take pictures of baby great horned owls in a nest that way but the photos were not very sharp.

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@ucme Sorry I’m not that flexible. I might hurt myself. :D .

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@RedDeerGuy1 Shame though eh? :D

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I’ve got a Bushnell that is supposed to be 600 power.
Cool to look at our moon. That’s about it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 How do you use a home telescope?

Ever mindful of keeping up with the Joneses’ verve, panache, elan and flair for ostentatious display, I use the telescope to stage the view.

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I have a home telescope. I take pictures with it.

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I have a couple, a 5” reflector and a 70mm refractor, neither are very nice or expensive but they are at least portable. I could use some better eyepieces though. I live near a big city so having a 12” dob does not make too much sense. I was a member of the local astronomical society for about a year but their star parties usually involved a lengthy drive out of the city and I just did not have the time for it. I use a pair of 80mm binoculars for most things now. Recently I have been playing with the “astro photography” mode on my google pixel and the results are a little surprising. Makes me want to do it for real like @Caravanfan does.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me . Agreed. @Caravanfan is my hero too!
I have a 6” Newtonian, an old Dynascope, that has a mirror as perfect as can be had for a reasonable cost. It was reworked by some friends at Kodak. I mostly use my Nikon 8×40 Binocs when I want to show people interesting objects, usually Andromeda.

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M31 is little more than a slight fuzzy patch on a good night here. About a two hour drive yields some nice views of it though. I keep looking for a deal on a “real” scope to show up on the local Craigslist or marketplace. I have seen several old Dynascopes on ebay, they look to be high quality. Mine are just a step or two above Christmas trash scopes sadly.

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Thanks guys. It’s something I probably spend too much time doing. But I like the challenge.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me There is (soon to be deleted) a Yahoo Dynascope group where people share parts, tips, and photos, with cult-like enthusiasm. My mirror was polished, and measured in the lab, to 1/13 of a wavelength! That was as near to perfection as reasonably possible. My polisher/engineer friend said he could take off 1 nm at a time! We tried, unsuccessfully, to use it to communicate by using light bounce off clouds or distant buildings.
We eventually moved to EME on VHF using WSJT. That worked so well we never looked back.

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^^ I love it when you can buy something and keep it your whole life and it just need a little maintenance. If something broke on the scope I have it would not be worth repairing.

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