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When you were a kid, what were some of the sillier things you wanted to be when you grew up?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) December 7th, 2019

When I was nine, I remember wanting to be a fortune teller. I guess I thought that psychic ability came by osmosis. But I DID learn how to do tarot readings.

I also wanted to be a magician, and a popsickle vendor. In my lower elementary-school age years, I wanted to just give everything away.

When I was eleven, I wanted to be a farmer. I thought country life was the way to go. I even thought about being a forestry ranger. But most of my life I wanted to be an architect or residence designer, even in first grade. Never did that, either.

How about you?

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A safari guide in Africa but I came to my senses and became an artist. XD

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When I was really little, I apparently told my mum I wanted to stroke dogs for a job when I grow up.
Later on, things ramped up a tad & I decided I wanted to be a stuntman.
I tested myself by jumping off buildings, local schools mostly.
Even tried to get myself run over by a horse, but it missed.
Finally I chose a pro footballer, but alas, as good as I was, I didn’t quite make the grade.

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A secret fast cars, fight ,and shoot all kinds of guns.

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I wasn’t super imaginative. First I wanted to be a Paramedic (thanks to the TV Show “Emergency”). By third grade, I wanted to be an artist.

I ended up becoming an artist.

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A CEO of Mattel or whomever owns Dungeons and Dragons.

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A jockey cuz I was short haha.

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@Yellowdog “some of the sillier things”

An accountant.

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A magic blue fairy who would fill a poor family’s house with canned goods.

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I wanted to work the soda fountain at the drug store. What could be more fun?

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I wanted to be mundane things like a neurosurgeon or an anesthesiologist.

Though I used to babysit a kid who wanted to be a Christmas tree when they grew up.

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I wanted to be a vet because I didn’t want any animal to hurt. The reality turned out to be that I couldn’t cut on any animal even IF it would help them in the end. I freaked when they handed me my first frog to dissect in Biology!!!

While still living on my Gramp’s farm, he had a huge oil drum that fed to his chicken house for heat. Well, that oil drum was my horse & I was Dale Evans or sometimes Annie Oakley!!! We were way out in the country & there weren’t many kids to play with so I had to use my imagination.

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NO NO @ragingloli that is the end goal, not what you want to be when you grow up.

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For a while I didn’t care what I was when I grew up, so long as it got me famous and the chance to meet Johnny Carson. Before five I wanted to either play flute, or harp.
Somewhere around ten I hoped that if reincarnation were a thing I wanted to be either a dolphin or a black jag.
Not the car, silly, the cat.
Oh yeah, for a while I wanted to be a hippie and chain myself to something for a major cause.

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I was going to own a few members of every species on this planet. I had it all planned out. The biggest obstacle I was aware of was how to feed the lions, but eventually I came up with an ingenious automatic feeding tube.

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People never believed me when I would reply “I don’t know”. I grew so tired of the question that I finally fell back reliably on the answer “who wants to grow up?” THAT one was nearly always a hit with the reaction confirming what I suspected about adulthood. My childhood was unbelievably idyllic. It afforded me the luxury of noticing the minefield of miseries and travails confronting those not shielded by caring and adoring parents.

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@longgone…henceforth you shall be known as “Noah.” Bless you my child!

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When my son was about 6 he was really starting to hit his stride with smart ass comebacks.
I asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.
He said “Myself only bigger.”
He continues to slay me to this day. He’s 32.

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@longgone I should think the big obstacle would be in WHAT to feed the lions.

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The same conundrum that Noah faced as he herded the sheep on the ark.

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Actually, he loaded forty bunnies, thirty eight female, and two male. When predators got anxious he tossed them a bunny. They multiply quickly, so their numbers increased accordingly.

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I wonder how he repopulated the world with 2 male lions

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