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What is your favorite brand of frozen pizza?

Asked by Kardamom (33078points) August 24th, 2014

When I was a little kid, frozen pizzas were pretty bad and we rarely bought them. It was easy enough to make a pizza from a boxed mix like Chef Boyardee or make mini English Muffin Pizzas in the toaster oven.

Takeout pizza was considered a rare treat, as it was very expensive. We used to go to Shakey’s Pizza Parlor on my birthday when I was a little kid. The only pizza I’ve tasted in the last 30 years that is similar, is Costco’s pizza that you get at the takeout window. It’s so good! Shakey’s went away, then came back a few years ago, but it’s completely different, rather blah and bland.

Frozen pizzas today, are a completely different thing than they were when I was a kid (cardboard topped with weird tasting “tomato” sauce and processed “cheese”)

I quite like a lot of frozen pizzas these days and eat them fairly often.

What are your favorite brands of frozen pizza?

If you want, you can also let me know which restaurant pizzas you like. I like California Pizza Kitchen and Sammy’s. We’ve also got a lot of great Mom and Pop Italian restaurants that serve delicious pizza.

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McCain peperoni deep dish.

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@talljasperman I don’t think I’ve heard of McCain’s pizza. It must be a Canadian product.

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@Kardamom Yes they are named after a billionaire family from Canada They have deep dish chocolate cake too. Three flavors chocolate white chocolate and marble. They also have different types of oven baked French fries.

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This one, no question. I’ve loved it since I was a kid.

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@longgone I haven’t heard of that brand either. Are you also in Canada or the U.K.? I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. LOL

I like California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen Spinach and Artichoke pizza.

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^ Germany – you’re excused! However, it seems that Dr. Oetker, which is a German brand, is expanding – they just bought part of McCain.

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The one in the trash. Really, I cannot stand frozen pizza.

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English muffin pizza is my main one. But for frozen ones I like Totinos Party Pizzas. Four for five bucks at Safeway and not terrible if a generous amount of Parmesan is added.

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I never – ever – buy frozen pizzas, though I will occasionally have a piece if invited to do so. I have no idea what brands I may have eaten. I agree that they’re better now than they were when I was a kid, though. I also nearly never buy take-out pizza.

When I want pizza now I buy a stick of day-old French or Italian bread for a buck (whole wheat if I can find it, otherwise whatever’s handy), load it up with a high-quality canned pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella from a bag, plus whatever toppings are indicate at the time: pepperoni, most commonly, but also sliced meatballs, sausage rounds, bacon, onion, peppers or whatever else seems appropriate. Maybe I’ll try a Mexican pizza one of these days, or a pita pizza – that has a ring to it. While I’m prepping, I’m preheating the oven. Then 8:88 on the microwave timer, and by the time I can smell that it’s done I’m also done washing up the prep dishes.

I can practically have that pizza ready and on the table before I could find the number to call the delivery order. And it’s cheap, and I like it very much.

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I make my own pizza. The one time in my life I had a frozen pizza it tasted like cardboard. I make pizza from scratch a few times a month.

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It’s been ages since I bought them, but I used to love Mama Celeste’s Pizza for One. The sausage and Pepperoni they used were tasty, and the crust was actually crunchy in the microwave. I always added extra cheese and herbs to make it even tastier.

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The last time I bought frozen pizza was when Costco had a deal on California Pizza Kitchen brand. I got the barbecue chicken one and it was good.

I never ever buy frozen pizza.

I live in the NY metro area, where there is lots of good, authentic pizza around. It’s more a matter of which local place makes the best – it’s either excellent or the best. Any mediocre places don’t usually last, unless they’re “upstate” which is not going by the real definition of “upstate” but rather about a half hour north. Up there, the crust is bready. Down here, people like a thin crust.

Costco has decent pizza, considering what it is (pre-made).

As far as chain pizza, California Pizza Kitchen has lots of good pizza, in addition to other entrees.

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I missed the part about what pizza we like. Being in the NY Metro area, like @jca, there’s a place in every shopping center, and you just have to try them all until you find the one that has the right recipe for you. Our favorite toppings are fresh garlic and onions and pepperoni – we usually get it on a regular pizza, with a medium crust, but occasionally we get it on a Sicilian-style. And always we get the fried calamari.

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Butch’s was the first in the United States to create a White Garlic Pizza for distribution.

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@jonsblond I’ve never heard of Butch’s either.

Gosh, I just love pizza! I had fake sloppy Joe’s for dinner tonight. I think pizza is in my future for tomorrow night.

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I like CA. Pizza Kitchen too and Stouffers french bread pizzas.

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I like the Stouffers french bread pizzas too. I usually microwave them for a bit first and then transfer to the oven to reduce cooking time. I am however pissed since the pepperoni used to be quartered and now it is in whole slices. The deep dish Red Baron single serving ones are also good if you need it to be strictly microwave.

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Trader Joe’s has some good ones. I also like Safeway’s brand pizza. Not bad.

I like frozen pizza. But it’s almost in its own not-exactly-pizza category. The craving for one or the other isn’t interchangeable.

Kind of like a Jack In The Box taco. I wouldn’t actually count them as a taco. But they’re pretty tasty.

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@fluthernutter When I still ate meat, I used to love those Jack in the Box tacos, and you’re right, they’re not like any other taco, but they’re still delicious.

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@Kardamom I gave up fast food, so I miss those weird non-taco meat snacks too. :P

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I like Freshetta…(sp?). But I do think that all of the name brands are about the same. If I buy one, I will always doctor it up. usually make mine from scratch. Been doing it for years. mmm now I want pizza.

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