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Has the universe manufactured us in order that it's wonders be appreciated.

Asked by stanleybmanly (21356points) 2 months ago

After all, isn’t an audience required before whom the wonders are to unfold?

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Forgive me, but that is romantic poppycock lol
Life came about purely by chance, the science that was the “big bang” eventually happened upon us poor creatures, much like bacteria will form in a bucket full of rancid water.
The universe took a hell of a long time for things to bounce around & collide & explode in random fashion as it will do on It’s journey into total black nothingness when the final black hole folds in on itself.

We, if you take us as the generic life form, take up a miniscule amount of time in multiple trillions of light years that is the timeframe of a universe that is doomed to die.
Hope this cheered you up :D

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Makes sense and indeed it cheers me considerably that chance has rendered you the fortune ( good or otherwise) to consider the question.

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@stanleybmanly I consider it good fortune as it showcases my genius as well as my charm :D

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And a tip of the the hat to both. Clearly both traits are matters of random chance, and it is a mark of your genius to appreciate such things.

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It’s a game, we are playing it.

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If the universe had the consciousness and agency required to make that decision, it would not need to create humans in the first place.
It is a romantic platitude, nothing more.

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Sagan’s anthropomorphic analysis that all the universe is a stager is improper; deserving minuscule attention.

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And yet there is the big question of consciousness.

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You’re assuming there is a reason behind our being here. There isn’t.

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Never thought about it until now, but it seems logical

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@kritiper I’m not assuming, I’m asking if there is a reason. You’ve answered both suppositions. A ga for you.

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@ragingloli But wait a second. We have agency, and certainly crave attention. What allows you to posit that given such talents (and better) the universe is free from such “desires”?

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