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After the US Department of Justice found the FBI did not conspire against Trump, do you think the next target of investigations could be Big Foot or is it Chupacabra?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24241points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Because someone has got to be blamed for Trump’s miseries one way or another…

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Nah, I think Hillary’s Emails need another round of investigations.

Hey, remember when the cons hyped up this report, acting like it would reveal some grand conspiracy? Fools.

Read this in drumpf’s voice:
“No conspiracy, no bias. Total exoneration!”

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It was not the U.S. department of justice. It was the Inspector General report.

And I suggest you read the actual report, not the summary.

The Department of Justice, William Barr, and John Durham made very strong statements to the contrary of the summary by Michael Horowitz.

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The chupacabra’s gonna gut Trump if and when he finally catches him alone!

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You know Trump would fire William Barr and John Durham if they didn’t support the Dictator wannabe.

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The report also stated many mistakes were made and things should have been done differently.

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Horowitz will testify before the Senate on Wednesday. A lot of those “omissions” and irregularities will be exposed.

There will also be a Senate trial. The Democrats have brought this on themselves for once.

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And if Trump does get removed from office . . . . Putin will fire him and stop depositing money in offshore accounts. YUCK YUCK !

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