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Do you like holding hands?

Asked by JLeslie (58379points) 1 month ago from iPhone

With your SO? Anyone else? Do you hold hands every other finger or simply hand in hand?

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I love holding hands. I usually do hand in hand. Now it’s only with my husband, but I used to with my elderly mother all the time.

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I do very much with my husband but my sister, family and friends all have held my hand at various times.I don’t usually intertwine my fingers as it is easier to let go quickly if I have to.
If I am having a rough day they will always lend a hand. I usually neglect to bring my cane thinking it will be a good day-then it’s not. lol
Strangely enough, my husband and I have heard some very nice comments about our hand holding habit. They must not see it that often? Idk but it’s nice :)

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My wife and I have been married for 35 years, and we always hold hands when walking, and often in the car.

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I’m a lefty and scissors in elementary school, the plastic ones, were a pain in the ass.

But the nice thing about being a lefty is holding hands. You’re a right, I’m a left, complimentary hand-sidewalk sparkles. Five fingered patterns matching in technicolor.

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We always hold hands, especially when walking, and even when just watching TV. Sometimes interlocking fingers, sometimes whole hand.

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I enjoy it. I guess I don’t do it as much as I did when I was younger. When I was in high school I loved just sitting with my boyfriend, holdings hands, and talking. :)

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I’m not overly fondle these days, unless it happens playing cards.

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With my wife I do. How we hold hands sometimes depends on our relative positions. Sometimes fingers interlaced isn’t comfortable so we go with hand in hand.

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Certainly. My wife and I hold hands while walking, in the car — sometimes even while sleeping (if we’re facing each other).

We don’t really have a set style.

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My wife and I rarely hold hands and when we do it is for brief periods. Usually it is little pinky to little pinky.
We often go on long (8 miles and more) walks and hikes and never hold hand during those exercise sessions. Can’t imagine holding hands that long.

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Of course, hold hands with the wife whenever we’re out & don’t take the car. Don’t do the interlocking fingers thing though, I find that irritating.

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I really don’t.

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