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Is it considered poor taste to get your spouse and your girlfriend the same Christmas gift?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) December 11th, 2019

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Only if you leave the price tag on.

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Just make sure to buy it in different colors as sisters often like to borrow outfits.

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It is in very bad taste to have both a spouse and a girlfriend.

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In my opinion, it’s NOT in bad taste; however, it is TACKY…also an excellent way to get divorced!!!

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If it’s something with initials, be sure not to mix them up.

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Depends on which of the two you are going to give the “Ho ho ho” sweater.
And double-headed dildos are always poor taste.

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Generally speaking you always want to spend more on the spouse’s gift.

(Well, you might not want to, but it is advisable to.)

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I think its a good idea. It shows that you love them both equally. No more of that “you love HER more than ME” accusations.

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Be it your girlfriend or your spouse, it is always in bad taste to get them something they need. Like a new vacuum cleaner. Or a washing machine. Get them something FUN!

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