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What is behind the repeating "white van" conspiracies?

Asked by josie (30916points) December 11th, 2019

Baltimore: The mayor of the city started this one. Snopes calls this false

Tennessee: This one resulted in murder

Washington D.C

What is this all about? Why the white van. Why not a blue van or a white pick up truck? Why any of this at all?

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White service trucks and Vans are ubiquitous.

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Do you remember when the DC sniper was killing people in Washington DC? Somehow it got out that they were in a white van. They were actually shooting from a car. But it was crazy how many white vans I noticed on the road after hearing that.

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I understand they are ubiquitous.

But so is the Toyota Camry and they are not constantly being suspected of nefarious activities.

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@josie -and that is the beauty of the Camry. They are able to commit heinous acts undetected.That’s a smart car.
As for white vans. I used to have a recurring nightmare where I died in an accident involving a white Ford work van. it’s better than a shark attack
I feel a bit safer as this was years ago and that model year isn’t as common

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When I bought a Dodge Caravan in 1998, they came in two colors – white and red. But red was only available if you bought the “sport package”. Picking the kids up at school was a nightmare, because all the vans looked alike.

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Conspiracy theorists with too much time on their hands and maybe a couple puffs of wacky weed.

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Vans stand out and a Toyota Camry does not. I can’t find my own Toyota Camry when I come out of a Walmart. There is also the fact that the odds are a white van will be be driven by a white working class male. Shows where the bias is these days and who people believe will be behind these crimes.

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Over here in lil ol’ englandtown, there’s a phenomenon known as “white van man”
They’re tagged as being bad tempered, ignorant, error prone drivers, not without reason.

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