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Is it bad to feel weird about getting a present for a family member that you could never imagine a person getting someone?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) December 12th, 2019

My grandfather likes peanuts and chocolate for Christmas, and that’s what I got him, but it felt so weird because in my mind, that is such a strange Christmas present.

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If he likes it and will be happy to get it, your work is done.There’s no need to stress about it. :)

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Some years years I send bagged raw peanuts to my son. His whole family know the “drill” to get the toaster oven out, put foil on the tray and peanuts in 350* F oven until you smell the aroma of fresh roasted peanuts.

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I get my SIL a can of cashews (along with other stuff) every Christmas. She loves them but is too cheap to buy them.

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Grandad gets what Grandad wants, that’s it!
Besides, receiving a gift in itself will be hugely appreciated…run with that satisfaction.

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You considered what your grandfather likes which is admirable I think it’ great.

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You’re shopping for others. Of course you get them what they WANT. I have cultivated a reputation for taking in everyone else’s unwanted fruit cakes. Most of the ones received are pretty hideous, but there are some real masterpieces scattered in the crowd. I love the holidays!

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At that age, many older people have already done or already acquired all the things they want. At that point they have come to understand that simple pleasures are the best. You did the right thing.

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Thanks, everybody. <3

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My dad loved chocolate covered peanuts, so he received a huge bag from me every Christmas. He preferred the chocolate covered peanuts to any other gift I could think of; so, that’s what he received.

The gift is about the recipient…NOT the giver…your Gramps loved them, so you will be giving him a gift that he WILL LOVE!!!

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That is a perfect gift! He already has everything he wants. In fact he is secretly starting to whittle down his pile of stuff so you don’t have to clean out his place when he needs to move.
Consumable food items are ideal.

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