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What does "Je n'arrivais pas a bien fonctionner les taches." mean?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 13th, 2019

How do you say that in English?

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In Ukranian, it translates to this:
Я не міг добре працювати на місцях”.
“YA ne mih dobre pratsyuvaty na mistsyakh”.

In English,

“I couldn’t work on the spots well.”

Google is your friend.

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@elbanditoroso Ok, but that doesn’t go with the context that I have so there must be another meaning to it. Something to do with tasks. Thanks.

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…Forget that post, working on the spots is a task.

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It looks like “tache” can also mean a spot, like a a spot on television or in advertising. Could that definition fit better in your context? “I wasn’t able to make the spot work well?”

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It’s french. I couldn’t work on the spots. Was it the rug cleaner guy? Or I couldn’t work on the tasks. . Really depends. “Je n’arrivais ( I couldn’t ) pas a bien fonctionner (work well) Not work well, les taches (spot or task). Fonctionner actually means function but it depends on the sentence structure.

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How about self assesment at the work place?

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