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Going about your daily business, in the last week or so, what might have been something out of the ordinary you saw or heard?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 13th, 2019

Well, you don’t see that every day!”

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I pulled into work and found about 50 clean and dirty syringes, plus huffing supplies. No one ditches clean needles, pretty odd.

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Clean is the odd part?

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@Patty Yes, those are gold for meth heads. But the drug kit itself being left was unusual, too.

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Okay, so predictably I asked this because I had such an experience today & well…any excuse to tell right?

So this morning while out on my run, I heard the faint droning of a distant helicopter overhead, I mean obviously it was above me, where else would it be?
Anyway, the sound grew louder & seemed to be following me, before long it came into view, flying very low & by this point I was almost home.
Turned out to be our local air ambulance & it only landed on the grassed area over the road from my home!

I was a little disturbed at first as my daughter was at home at the time, seems some bloke had been run over by a car, It’s quite a major road, regular heavy traffic.
I watched from inside as the crew returned to the chopper minus a patient, the guy must have recovered a little at least & was out of immediate danger, which was a relief.
They then took off & the scene returned to normal, I turned to my daughter & remarked…

You don’t see that every day!”

This was a true statement!

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@KNOWITALL Yeah, that is strange!

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@ucme Just curious, how much will the bloke end up paying for the copter to come? Here that would be about 5k probably.

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@KNOWITALL Ahh, well now, we have the dear old NHS & so he’ll pay a big fat zero!

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@ucme Wow. I would LOVE to compare the US actual budget with the UK’s.

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@KNOWITALL Of course, if reports are to be believed, Trump is after buying into our NHS once Brexit is done & dusted on Jan 31st.
That would not go down well, think civil war & you’d be close :D

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@ucme Glad to hear that you & yours are ALL well & as healthy as you canpossibly be!!!

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@LadyMarissa Cheers, it was alarming when I saw the thing land so close to our house.
Just hope the guy recovers well, Friday 13th certainly bit him in the arse!

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@ucme Please explain, I hadnt heard anything of the sort. Not that the NHS is bad, but that would be a very interesting twist for the Dems to combat.

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At a busy 7 lane intersection, I saw a young squirrel run under 2 cars that were waiting for the light to change, emerge on the median for a moment, then as the light changed and traffic started moving towards it, run the rest of the way across the remaining 3 lanes without being run over.

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A school bus with a van body welded onto the roof of the school bus, to make a double-decker vehicle/residence-on-wheels, entirely painted in sprawling artwork.

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