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Person A likes Person B but Person B does not know yet...

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 30th, 2008

A and B are good friends and really get along well. A lot of people would say that Person C and Person B would make a great couple. Person C is the best friend of Person A but is not showing any signs of attraction towards Person B. C and B are very good friends and have known each other longer than B has known A. What should Person A do?

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I suck at algebra.

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jesus, not another one of these riddles…

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person A should ask person C if he/she minds if person A asks out person B. When/if C says “yep, i don’t care”, person A should go ask out person B. what other people think (about who makes a great couple or not) shouldn’t concern the 3 people involved.

after that is done, person A should learn how to phrase his/her Qs in a less confusing, time consuming manner.

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You should ask the other person if she/he is interested in the person in common romantically. That way you are being up front and honest, and best of all you’ll have the answer!

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A+(B-C(+C’s approval))=everyone’s happy!

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Uhhhh.. you lost me around the third sentence. I’m not even going to try to answer this.

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I’m very sorry everyone… this seemed very clear to me 20 minutes ago. You answers have been helpful so thanks and better questions from me in the future.

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Let me break this down in a manner that’s more easily understood to me (I get way confused when people use letters or numbers in situations like this):

There are three friends, Alex, Betty, and Chris.
Alex and Betty are good friends and really get along well.
A lot of people would say that Chris and Betty would make a great couple.
Chris is the best friend of Alex, but is not showing any signs of attraction towards Betty.
Chris and Betty are very good friends and have known each other longer than Betty has known Alex.
What should Alex do?

If Chris doesn’t seem to be attracted to Betty, why the heck doesn’t Alex 1) ask Chris if Chris minds, and then 2) ask Betty out?

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@Alena; wonderful translation except that Chris is either a boy or girl, thereby complicating this situation.

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Where’s a half-decent programmer to write this out in if-statements, when you need one?

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abc, 123. primary, yet confusing. must admit though the flutherriddle concept seems to be quite intriguing.

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I like em. Who needs words when you have formulas!

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Typing that out, I felt like I was doing some word/logic problem. :P

@Gail – You’re right.. it was unclear as to the genders of the people involved.. I tried to use names that could be either or (but couldn’t think of an ambiguous name that starts with a B). :P

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Is there some kind of PRIZE, for the correct answer?

August 30, 2008, 8:01 PM EDT

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Lurve points?

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I think A should take this very equation to B and C and SEE what they come up with….

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And if they don’t come up with the correct answer they should be hung by the square of a hypoteNOOSE!

August 30, 2008, 8:08 PM EDT

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Alternately, Person A could solve this problem like grade-schoolers do.. take a piece of paper and write:


Yes . . . . . . . . No

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Threesome? I’m kidding, unless you’re (and they’re) into that thing.

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@Allie: Easy as ABC!

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Damn…. As I was reading this I was thinking, I’m surprised no one has put A+B+C=threesome. Allie took care of it though. =)

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Ha! I’m all over this one. =]

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So i think i get it. Since A and C are good friends I think A should talk to C and see what they have to say about A being with B or at least telling B. Cause even though A doesn’t think B and C have feelings for each other, you never know. There is nothing worse then when you’re friend starts dating someone that they knew you had your eye on. So A should have a chat with C. Then if all is well A should tell B how they feel…. that was difficult

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Okay, I worked it out.

A=7, B=4, C=-3.

(Psst. The answer is to communicate. The problem collapses if Person A suggests a date to Person B, and Person C’s standing in all this is irrelevant.)

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