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What is your opinion on repeat questions?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 30th, 2008

Should they be re-answered or just provided a link to the original question?

NOTE: Not directed at anyone specifically.

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Huh? Could you repeat the question?

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I usually don’t care…unless I’m the one who asked the original question. Then I get MAD!

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C’mon, you never miss questions? I miss them all the time….I get on almost every day, but still….

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I’m not saying that I don’t miss questions, but I do always search for similar previously asked questions before tapping the collective.

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I don’t care as long as the question isn’t already on the frontpage. In the iPhone days there would be ten questions out of twenty about how to jailbreak the iPhone. That pissed me off. I don’t mind if someone asks a question that was asked two days ago. But I will try to provide a link to that question so they can get a answer faster.

And lets be honest. The search feature here sucks.

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Don’t be too upset, but I believe that this is a repeat question.

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@johnpowell; Haha, true. It’s pretty awful.

@AstroChuck; Haha, seriously? How ironic. I searched for it…but then again, as johnpowell said…

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What repeat questions?
What repeat questions?

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depends on the question. New people, new answers. I don’t go looking for questions to answer.

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I think a link to the original question should be provided. If the person asking the question wants answers, surely old ones are just as good as new ones. But I think people who didn’t answer before should answer in the new spot, and if it’s a question like “Will you recommend some good books?” people who answered before may have something new to add, as well.

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Doesn’t bother me a bit, I just scroll on by…

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If the same question is asked once a day over a few days, then it would probably be on separate pages. I highly doubt that at least one new member a day would have the same question every day. Seriously, let a question die a lil before someone reposts it. Give me a bit to forget about the question so that when I see it I’ll be like, “Ooooo. Something new!” *note: I recycle my memory every 4 days, meaning that after that amount of time, I will have probably forgotten the question

Also, ebenezer has a good point. I, too, don’t look for questions to answer. I look for questions for the answers already provided. In addition to what ebenezer said, new people = new answers = possibly the same questions, but at least the discussion will be re-ignited. Providing a link to a related question will only add to the growing pool of answers.

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Depends on the type of question. If the answer does not – or is unlikely to – change in the time between the questions, a link should suffice if the asker couldn’t be bothered to search before asking. On the other hand, if the question was last asked quite some time ago (>1 month) and it’s the sort of question you answer differently, depending on when you’re asked (i.e. “What was your most recent….” or “In the last week, have you….”), then I think the link to previous question might be interesting, but the answers there aren’t current, so it’s better to answer again.

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It would be nice if a link were provided. Sometimes I liked the question but I don’t feel like putting in the energy to answer it all over again.

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