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Did you ever get hit on by a person servicing something in your home?

Asked by rowenaz (2431points) August 30th, 2008

Did you tell your spouse? Did you contact the company?

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HAHAHA. Sorry. No, I have never been hit on by a person servicing something in my home.
But if i did, I wouldn’t take it seriously.

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I sense there’s a story behind this question..

“Hit on”, no.. flirted with, yes.

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Yeah, but if I try to tell it, I start heaving. I’m shocked and appalled and grossed out and Eeewww…

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If it really bothers you, like if it was creepy, weird, inappropriate, etc. I would contact the company.

And yes, I’d tell my spouse.

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But how can I tell my spouse when I went behind his back and hired the guy to take care of something said spouse doesn’t have time to do?

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Can you reason with him? I mean, if it’s something that needs to be done, but your spouse doesn’t have time to do, it just seems practical to me to hire someone. I know that if I were in your shoes, feeling as you seem to, I would be desperate to share it with my partner, to get it off my chest, and to discuss it. I would present it like, “Okay, I have something I really need to discuss, please just hear me out and help me, and try not to be too mad at me.”

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I’ve seen this movie. Bow chicka wow-wow.

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First realize that you have two problems: one, that your trust issues with your husband with repect to trusting judgment calls (repairs) are being superceded by egos; second, that you were violated in your house (not majorly but your security felt compromised), Enough to make you uncomfortable about telling your husband. If what your fearing is his reaction, you need to do your best to communicate what exactly you feel about all these circumstances, an do it in a way that focuses both of your attentions objectively on the dynamic of the relationship.

Good luck-look at this as an opportunity to become closer and in sync as an end goal in this reconciliation, and recommend this as a mutual goal at the start of the conversation to gain empathy versus the sparking antagonizing feelings.

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It sounds like more than “hitting on” was involved. If you were the victim of an assault, bring it to both the attantion of the authorities and your husband. If he is anything less than understanding, fuck him for being an asshole.

You are what’s important.

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A guy about my age maybe a year or two younger hit on me when he was helpging his dad when his dad came to give an estimate on fixing the roof on our garage. DXoes that count?
I;m really goin gto want to edit theis in the morning. I’m way to drunk to be on Flluthering.

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Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to tell my husband, because he has specifically said that he doesn’t want me hiring service people…he has friends, etc…. so yes, @sndfreQ, the issue is layered. I have only gotten a few things fixed without him realizing it, and usually he realized it later…but this company he specifically said he didn’t want, after I’d already signed a maintanance contract with them… This was the last service call…. I think that I won’t be bringing this one up to him, because the potential to get really ugly is too big. There was no assault or anything, it was me nattering on about teaching and children and how I love what I do, and this guy has two kids dealing with exactly what I was talking about, when suddenly the guy went octopus on me…and I didn’t even see it coming. I just said I was married and couldn’t do that, but felt really gross and stupid because how stupid could I be? I just felt nasty, and yes, unsafe. I told my father in lieu of my husband, and he said tell my husband. I told a sibling, and this sibling said, “Wow, you really did THAT ONE on personality” and I was like, huh?? And I’m already paranoid as it is, and now I am praying that this guy doesn’t try calling me or ANYTHING because I think I would freak. And my kid was home, and I keep thinking, “Do these guys hit on customers all the time?” Go in, fix the drip in shower, and try to get a leg over? UGH. And you know I will NEVER be doing that sort of stuff behind his back again everything broken is going to STAY BROKEN….Gonna have to nag the shit out of him….. It’s a no win situation. But at least I don’t feel so bad anymore….

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Rowena- what a relief. The course of action you’ve outlined seems like the best to me. Sorry the whole thing had to happen, though. What a bummer.

Also, apologies for the profanity. Scotch brings out a new depth of feeling in me, yo ho. Wasn’ as far gone as some <coughAllie>, though ^^. ;^D

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Haha. At least you could spell everything correctly. =) Now I can’t say I’ve never Fluthered drunk.

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You may have fluthered drunk – you just don’t remember it…..

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Well- things are not going well. Hubby wanted to know what has been bothering me and finally I told him the whole story – and instead of support I got a whole rash of verbal abuse…about how stupid I am and why I didn’t call the police or him, and why did I let him in the house and….. no body will be happy in THIS HOUSE tonight….. :(

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Wow-sorry to hear that…perhaps let it boil over until the morning and then try again to have a civil discussion so that you can take the time to hear each other in a more focused, less emotional way. If not possible maybe a letter to him stating your feelings exactly may be a way to convey the information without confrontation.

Good luck with that…

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Repair guys usually flirt with me or check me out. Sometimes if they are really friendly I would invite them to my bar for a free drink while I was working. I was always looking for new customers. The guys who built my fence invited me to a party and I went with one of my girlfriends. I recently had a new washer and dryer installed and everything went really well until at the very end one of the guys handed me his card saying he was a photographer and he would “love to shoot me”. That was creepy. Thankfully I’ve never had any unwanted advances.

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