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In what areas of your life are you a perfectionist?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) December 21st, 2019

Do you hold others to the same standards?

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In two parts.
1. My job; I want to do it as perfect as I can (to my abilities), but our boss wants to, and does so, do it all fast and simple (which does work, for the business).
I took this ‘perfectionism’ from my previous job and I have difficulty letting go of it.
2. Me explaining, and/or telling an experience/a story.
Totally unnecessary, for the story, details get told (“I passed the butcher around 5 past 3, no wait, it must have been 10 past, because that song I listened to on Spotify just finished…”).
Also, I tend to weave in one or more analogies, that I think of on the spot, that 9 out of 10 times were not needed (or so they sometimes tell me).

I ‘expect’ at least decent effort from others.
At least a bit heart.

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@rebbel _You’d probably do great in a police interrogation!

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I’m bad with stress though :-)

Not only do I give many details, I also doubt my own observations…

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@rebbel -Exercise or any kind helps with that, I’ve found.

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I’m pretty lenient with myself, but I try to be a perfect for my grandkids, and I try to interact with them in the happiest, most productive way possible, even when it comes to discipline.
Example: Yesterday I told 4 year old Cooper to never go outside without asking. Not 2 minutes later I found him in the front yard with his brothers and sisters.
I brought him in and told him to go sit in time out.
He started getting upset and having a tantrum. I said, “Cooper. I can’t start the timer until you sit down. You DO want me to set the timer, right?”
He decided that me setting the timer was what he wanted, and he sat. No tears, no screaming, no violence. And when the timer went off we did a happy dance because he had regained his freedom.

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When photo editing.
I like photo restoration , especially vintage images.
It has to be perfect enough to enlarge the image without blurring the pixels etc

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How would you do that by simple editing?

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Depends on the restoration photo software capabilities.
I am shopping for a much better compatible one to be installed in 2020.
It is amazing what some software capabilities are out on the market.
From simple to complex restorations, I love it.
Check out photo restoration on Facebook groups to view possibilities.

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None. Too much pressure. I do my best, but I don’t get hung up on perfection.

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I’m always looking for the perfect night’s sleep, and I hope everybody else does too! We all know how unpleasant it is to be around somebody who hasn’t slept much.

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I was around a boyfriend that complained of not enough sleep until I point it out to him that on observation that he indeed the daytime and thus couldn’t sleep at night.

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Abstention from alcohol. My sobriety is the source of the blessings in my life.

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Thinking on it more I realized that he was into wine drinking a lot, so that most likely contributed to sleep problems.
He kept going to Wine tasting parties on his own.

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I’m pretty serious about eating off of clean dishes. I don’t trust dishwashers. I scrub everything first in a sink of soapy water. And then immediately run the dishwasher. The dishwasher is just a expensive dish-rinser.

And I still wash every dish before I use it. When I first moved in with my sister she thought it was a slight on her dishwashing. But I did the same when I lived alone.

But I have no problem eating at Taco Bell. Some things are just so delicious you don’t care about cleanliness.

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I once had a girlfriend who had silly fetishes like that @johnpowell. But she also used to camp with her husband. One time she mentioned about the things we let slide when we’re camping that we would never allow to happen in our homes. I just thought, “Uh huh. Maybe you worry about things you don’t need to.”

I remember camping once, and I was cooking bacon over the camp fire. Our German Shepherd, Dakota, came out of the late and came up right next to the fire and shook all her dirty lake water all over everything. The cast iron skillet was just sizzling like crazy.
My 8 year old Grandson was with us and he yelled, “Dakota is shaking cholera all over the bacon!!!”
20 minutes later he pronounces “Campfire bacon is the best bacon ever!”

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Watched 6 year old Zoes and 4 year old Coops today. Zoey said she was hungry. I asked if she wanted a burrito. She said “Yes.” Then she changed her mind and simply ate 2 frozen tortillas. (At home they usually have frozen corn dogs. Cooper likes to eat his corn dogs frozen. Straaaange children!)
Cooper wanted a burrito, tho, so I made one for him. I cut it in half. When I set it in front of him he started wailing that he didn’t want it cut in half!
I said, “Well, it’s already done. Nothing I can do about it.”
He kept carrying on, working himself into a tantrum.
I pulled the clear Elmer’s glue our of the junk drawer and pretended like I was gluing his burrito back together! Oh boy! He yelled “DON’T GLUE IT!!!” LOL! I wish you could have seen the look on his face! Didn’t hear another word about that cut up burrito!

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