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How to remove a grease stain?

Asked by janbb (56423points) December 21st, 2019

I wore a new dressy blouse to a party today and immediate got some oil from a bruschetta dripped on the bodice. The blouse is a synthetic and the color is magenta. How should I try to get it out?

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I have had pretty good luck with Shout.

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You can try the sprays like Shout. Another possibility is kitchen liquid soap. Sometimes after a few washings it will eventually come out, but grease is the worst. It’s so frustrating.

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^^ Agree. It’s so annoying.

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I have a new grease stain on a shirt I love to wear. I’m usually so careful at home, almost always using an apron if I’m eating while on the couch, and this time I didn’t have it on, and one of the last few bites I got grease on my shirt.

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Resolve stain remover works in the washer.

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Apply some Dawn detergent and water to the spot. Work the Dawn into the stain thoroughly and place item in the wash with double the amount of detergent you normally use.

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Try Shout or Oxy Clean sprayed on front and back of the stain and let it sit overnight before washing.

I have had clothes I’ve thrown away because I can’t get a stain out.

If you really like the shirt and the stain is in a spot where you might cover it with a brooch, that’s a possibility if you can’t get the stain out. Oil stains are tough.

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So, @janbb, did you get the stain out?

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If all else fails get Grandmas Best Spot Remover. You’ll never look back! It will even remove set in blood stains from cotton fabric!

You can get a small 2 oz bottle at Hobby Lobby for about $3 each. One small bottle will last a long time. The link below has both small and large sizes.

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Thanks all. It looks like the stain is out due to Oxy Clean spray. Now it dried horribly since I hung it to dry and I will rinse it and tumble dry it. But I’m a bit scared in case the stain is lurking like they sometimes do.

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@janbb: To ensure it’s washed as well as it can be washed, put the shirt into a lingerie bag and wash it in the machine. That will give it a good soak and rinse. Then hang to dry. If there’s any trace of the oil still in the fabric and you dry it in the machine, that will set it and you will never get it out after that. At least if you air dry and still see a trace of the oil, you have a chance to try again using another method.

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@jca2 That’s what I did. I know not to dry it in the dryer with a stain but the fabric now needs tumble drying to look right.

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Rinse it again and tumble dries it low and it looks fine. The Pxy-Clean spray did the trick. Thanks again all!

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Sorry about the typos up there.

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Try rubbing alcohol or bleach. Problem solved.

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