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How much of a hypocrite are you?

Asked by rebbel (30932points) 1 month ago

Never mind the others.
How about yourself?
Do you do (or let) things that are detrimental to one/some of your principals, and/or ideals?
Does the balance tip to the minus, all things considered?

I am one.
I fly a couple times per year to my girlfriend, a couple thousand miles away, although I want to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible, and although the reason I go is ‘just’ love.
I’ve never ticked the ‘plant-a-tree’ box at booking, ‘due to budget’.

And then there’s meat.
I eat it, but I want to see the meat industry decimated (for obvious reasons).
So I eat less than I did before, but still…(, I eat it).

For the rest I’m okay.

How about you?
C’mon now, be honest!

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I asked my husband in what ways am I hypocritical.
I’ll let you know if he answers lol

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Okay, as far as the loving & saving of animals, and eating meat, guilty. Good reminder, thanks.

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Hells Bells, just enjoy your life, we’re only here a short time. Go see your girlfriend, wine her and dine her, and order that steak medium rare. Live for the moment.

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I think we toss around the word “hypocrite” too often. Hypocrisy is preaching one thing and practicing another. It’s not preaching something and practicing it imperfectly. Hypocrisy typically involves some level of pretense as well, like when people make a big show of denouncing people for behavior they themselves engage in.

Of course, we could avoid even imperfect practice by reigning in our ideals and treating virtue as something to merely attempt from time to time instead of something to actually achieve day to day, but that makes it far too easy to let ourselves off the hook both morally and psychologically. “Thou shalt not kill” is a better rule than “try not to kill anyone, ‘kay?”

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I have reduced my carbon foot print by not having children, so I can enjoy the other sins eat dead animals,drive or fly to where ever I want.

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Well I’m pretty big on recycling but when I get my Diet Coke I prefer a “Styrofoam” cup which can’t be recycled.

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@SQUEEKY2 I’m not sure that I’d agree not having kids means we don’t have to care about the world anymore. Other people’s kids still have to live here.

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@KNOWITALL I’d tend with your comment but, in the words of an old Beatles song “We’re all doing what we can”...probably what Squeeky meant. : )

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@NoMoreY_Aagain Oh now, I tend to think we could all do more. People love to take the path of least resistance because they’re inherently lazy, generally speaking.

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The meat one is a major one for me. If I had to kill my own meat, I’d become a vegetarian in a heartbeat. Even seeing what happens in a slaughterhouse might be enough to do it.

I also complain a lot but when other people complain it pisses me off.

I agree with @SavoirFaire that a stronger definition of “hypocrisy” is more pragmatic, but then these are examples of instances where my behavior is inconsistent with preferences and conceptions.

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I’m not hypocritical. I have a ham I’m working my way through leftover from holiday feast. Every bite I think of how glad I am that hog ate like he did so I can eat like I am. My gosh it is delicious!
My y carbon footprint is quite small. I drive absolutely nowhere. My utility bills are admirably low. I haven’t flown since 1982.
I live as best I can, and make no apologies for my indulgences.

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@Patty You are so cool.

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If God didn’t intend for us to eat animals, why did he call them “meat”?

And then there is this:

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Thanks so far to all that have answered.
Not many Jellies with hypocritical behavior!
Maybe the word “hypocrite” was too strong.
But I guess you got what I meant.
What I didn’t mean was to only talk about meat, or carbon footprints.
You can fill in your own shortcomings, I would have thought.

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What do you want, a run down of our entire belief rosters?

I gave examples, but since I am writing other books at the moment, I thought to keep it short.

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I guess being scared of flying but wanting a helicopter could be translated as hypocrisy.
Me, I prefer delicious irony!

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I admit that I’m an abject failure as a hypocrite being almost devoid of virtues. morals, beliefs and principles.

For example, if the meat industry was decimated I’d still enjoy the other 90% of it.

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I eat meat even though it bothers me for humane reasons and I truly believe it’s bad for my health. I’ll even give you diet advice and then I have to admit I don’t follow the diet as I think I should.

I want solar on my house and hate all the plastic we discard, but I am very far from ideal regarding conserving energy and with how much plastic I dispose off.

I have been known to call people incompetent at their jobs, but then of course I have made mistakes also on the job. Mostly, I am very patient and understanding, but not always.

I sometimes am judgement of how people spend money, but it’s not like every penny I spend is carefully thought out and only on necessities.

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I preach about how important it is to forgive those you love but there are two people in my life I just can’t forgive. Not after they hurt my child.

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In the words of that Willie Nelson song, “Im forgiving everything that forgiveness will allow, and there’s nothing I can do about it now”.

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^Thank you for that. I love Willie. :)

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Myself as well. : )

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Trying to think of hypocritical things I do but nothing’s coming up. Is that even possible?

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I tell my religious friends that I believe in Jesus and God. But I don’t. I go along to get along.

It must be nice to know that by accepting Jesus as your personal savior that you will live forever in heaven. I’ve said those words. I said them because I wanted just to please others and to get away ASAP.

Why is faith so important to the Christian God? Why doesn’t He simply show Himself to us today like He did for ancient people? Why did God give us the huge powerful brain and then expect not to use it when it comes to accepting Him. My brain wants proof. It demands it.

Perhaps there is some sort of mystical power that directs the universe and life here on Earth. If so I think that it is far away and busy with other matters.

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I don’t think that I’m a hypocrite at all. IF it’s good enough for me to do, it’s good enough for my friends to try!!!

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Are you the measure and leader of all of your friends @LadyMarissa.

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