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How many people sleep and wake up at the same time regularly, and how many get 8 hours a day?

Asked by flo (12719points) 1 week ago

How many people more or less go to sleep and wake up at the same time? And how many people get to 8 hrs or close a day?

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I almost always go to sleep around 11:30 pm, 5–10 minutes on either side.

I normally (without an alarm) wake up between 6:30 and 7:00am.

So for me, I’m pretty close to 7½ hours per night, and I have been for probably 30 years.

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Since it takes about an hour or so to finally be sleeping then it is always 8 hours of sleep, give ot take occasions off my usual sleeping patterns.

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I go to sleep anywhere between 11:30pm and 4:00 am. I wake up anywhere between 7am and 1pm depending on what I have going on that day.
Do I get 8 hours? Sometimes. Not consistently
Do I wake up/ fall asleep around the same time? No.
Last night was 1:30 am ish
The night before was 3:00 am, same with the night before that. I got up at 1:30pm the first night I fell asleep at 3am, the second night I woke up at 10 because work.

I have a very hard time sleeping. I am a night person but I work and have school during the day so it screws me over

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Me mostly. I’m in bed by 10PM and up at 6AM almost every day.

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11pm-7am and in the summer 12am-8am.

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My sleep schedule is not very regimented.

Most of my adult life I slept 9 hours a day. If I only had 7.5 at night, I wound up napping to make up for it. Since my late 40’s I seem to need less sleep, but some of it is affected by my crazy thyroid and how medicated I am.

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I generally go to bed around 2am or 3am. I sleep until 11 am or noon.

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Pfft… I sleep several hours at the time. I typically sleep,or try to, for 5 hours before I go to work.
Usually, I sleep for 10 hours, about once a week. If I can…
I like sleeping, on deserted island, for a couple of hours. If I’m out in my canoe….Usually, the crabs wake me up…They’re relentless…

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Up at 6a bed at 10:30p. Weekends usually try to get a nap in once.

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By the way I mean fall asleep not get into bed A lot of people spend a ton of time doing their work related things watching TV, etc., in bed.

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I have chronic insomnia. Sleep, especially good sleep, is a luxury that seldom visits me.

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^Try looking into lucid dreaming. It takes severe meditation, and self discipline. But. You are in control, ultimately.
It may not offer you total control. But. It’s a start…

I can’t sleep much either. But. I have found ways to get by…

I use different types of white noise, on my cell phone. There are free apps available, where you can select the sounds.
I like rainstorms, wind, thunder, and frogs…

I leave the phone on charge, and let the sounds, keep me asleep. I am a very light sleeper.
The slightest noise, will wake me up. The white noise, stops that. Mostly….

The lucid dreaming, helps me from having nightmares.

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How about all the unexpected things that come up every other day, especially if with children, and lots of family and friends?

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@flo I don’t allow anything to interfere in my sleep. Storms or stress are just about the only things that can keep me up against my will.

My husband has many sleep issues, too, diagnosed, so our house goes dark at 7pm, low lights only and no company, volume down, etc…. No kids either, so it’s not an issue.

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@KNOWITALL No kids makes a difference.
I was expecting to find no one who gets 8 hrs a day and no one who can get to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

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…okay, maybe not not no one

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@flo Sleep is important. Luckily for me, I’m asleep usually as soon as my head hits the pillow and I pet my dog.

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@KNOWITALL Of course sleep is important. But things come up.
You’re lucky, most people struggle to fall asleep.

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@flo Even as a early 20-something, I’d pass out at parties and rest and be ready to get back to it. I can sleep almost anywhere thru anything. I really do feel very lucky.

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So, I guess you have to take some medication or lots of caffiene, to keep you awake, in case of emergencies?

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@flo Coffee. I’m very sensitive to stimulants. I drank a Red Bull once and thought my head would pop off.

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Me. Only recently, and only because I made it a clear priority. I decided my days would be shorter, but better.

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…By the way @cookieman do you really mean how long you spend in bed, not how long you actually sleep by ” I’m in bed by 10PM and up at 6AM almost every day.”?
@KNOWITALL you too used the same words but now I know you mean sleep

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@longgone You too are among the lucky ones if it just took a decision.

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…Actually most of you actually are very lucky.

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@flo Do you have trouble sleeping? My gpa said we need less sleep as we age. Do you have a diagnosed sleep disorder?

I have a lot of tricks to make your brain relax if it would help. The low lights, quiet, no visitors, baths, no fluther, etc….really do help.
Also just laying in bed watching low key movies is good to help you relax.
I do feel lucky for sure.

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No, actually, I don’t. I ask because of the change time thing, “Fall back spring forward” thing.

I might be off Fluther for a day or 2 by the way.

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@flo Oh the first week stinks, after that its fine.

Ok, see you in a few days. You okay?

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I wished I could. it’s hard for me to have a set schedule.

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People get to sleep 1 more or less, ½ hour more or less, etc. than their planned time many many times during the year.

Thanks @KNOWITALL I’m ok, just busy.
@nightwolf5 It’s not easy for a lot of people esp. if they have 2 jobs or school, and job one of them full time, and sometimes both full time.

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