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What is a good site to buy music?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32851points) 1 month ago

I am not interested in purchasing current music as much as the older stuff.
What site has that kind of variety?

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Amazon is my go to music site. With a lot of their music, if you buy the CD, you get to download a free mp3 onto your computer. They also sell the mp3’s direct to customer if that’s your preference. I love music and l listen to a lot of different genres. From the newest to the most obscure, I seem to always find it on Amazon. My computer is loaded with mp3’s so I can copy onto a flash drive and play on my car stereo. That way I can keep a variety of music playing while driving. I can also have them playing through my Echo while working around my home

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I use an MP3 with a portable speaker and like that very much.

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I have bought several songs on Amazon abd it worked well.

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If you don’t necessarily care about owning the music (the only way to really ensure that into perpetuity is through physical media), but just want access to it then Spotify is a fantastic service. $10/month will get you ad-free unlimited access to just about any music you can think of at pretty good quality.

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I buy CDs from Goodwill for $1 or $2 and rip them to a PC.

Occasionally if I hear something good on the radio or see a mention on the web, I’ll buy it from Apple or Amazon or Google Play,, whichever is cheaper.

And very occasionally I go to the artist’s web site looking to buy wherever they direct me. That’s for young/new/small-time artists where I want them to get the maximum payout and I don’t mind spending a little more.

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I was going to say Amazon, though it has been said. I have bought on them a few times. Maybe also itunes.

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I went to iTunes recently to buy one that nobody else carries. I wasn’t allowed to buy until I agreed to pay a $10 monthly fee for streaming. I didn’t want to stream, I wanted to buy and go away. I’m not one of their biggest customers, so I guess they no longer want my business. So, I went to youtube and downloaded the audio for free. It was more trouble, still doable

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