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What do you think of Jordan Peterson's self-help speeches?

Asked by Nuggetmunch (322points) 2 weeks ago
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Peterson is a large right-wing figure. I’m surprised people have never heard of him. If you like your “self-help” speeches laced with misogyny, transphobia, anti-worker, anti-science, and self-victimization themes, presented in the voice of Kermit the frog, Peterson would be appropriate.

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Well, he is in Russia right now, doing some crackpot induced coma procedure, to treat his prescription medication addiction, a procedure which resulted in neurological damage.

So how useful can his advice really be?

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Largely ineffective. Like so many of this sort of lecturer, he is in it for the money, not to help you.

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@elbanditoroso he’s a clinical psychologist though. But yeah I too find his words just as generic as any other self proclaimed life coach. I don’t know why he’s popular so I thought maybe there’s a perspective I failed to see hence the question. But yeah I share your view as well.

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He’s an asshole.

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Read his book “12 Rules for Life” and you’ll get a sense of what he’s about. (I started it but haven’t finished it). It’s sure started some interesting debates on Goodreads.

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I think he should be ignored, and retire. And/or ridiculed.

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I have heard a few of his speeches and did not hear a word of “misogyny, transphobia, anti-worker, anti-science, and self-victimization themes” His tone does come off a tad asshole-ish though.

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He says you call/(refer to people when they are not there), by their name, not by their pronoun.

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…. or not by their eye color, etc. Is that anti something?

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Quote the ridiculoius (anti x y, z) things he says.

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It’s been 32 minutes.

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@Demosthenes thank you I’ll check it out!

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