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What's the next barrel of hot water awaiting Trump?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24153points) February 11th, 2020

You just know there’s gotta be one

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Well, according to many experts, his retaliatory firing of Vindman and Sondman is likely illegal.
Then there is the new scandal of Giuliani feeding Russian propaganda directly into the DOJ, with intelligence agencies having no access to it.
Of course, realistically, none of that, no matter how egregious these violations are, will impact him, since he is now officially above the law.
Him figuratively shooting someone out in the open and getting away with it, that has already happened.

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Whatever it is, he will walk away unscathed in any way that matters.

His detractors don’t need anymore evidence that he is terrible, so it would be redundant.

His supporters could watch live video of him, in Disney World, shooting Mickey in the head, in front of children, and they’d say “the mouse had it coming and those kids gotta grow up sometime.”

And legally, he’s apparent Teflon

So…whatever. Here’s hoping he loses the election, but even that seems unlikely.

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Well. I have actually thought that if he gets reelected, he’ll get impeached again…The only POTUS, to be impeached twice…

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My money says he’ll be impeached again before the election.

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@stanleybmanly I really hope not. As others above have said, he can kill people and get away with it. I’d rather not waste anymore money or TV time on another impeachment. I’d rather it go to someone who can beat him in the next election.

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Water doesn’t work with that eel, you need boiling oil you have to deep fry something that slimy.

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Whatever it’ll be, he’ll cruise through, unscathed, until he leaves office. Then, he’ll face a number of charges in New York state, where he’ll have no place to hide.

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Is that why he wants to be president for life?

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When you first started with the Russia Collusion hoax, most of the country believed it, and it cost Trump many votes in 2016. Others still believed he was the lesser of two evils.

There have been 2–3 ‘scandals’ every week, and people believed it less and less.

By the time the Mueller investigation was started there were still some who thought something might be there, but when that fell flat, not many believed the hype and media anymore. Keep in mind that these narratives were so widely believed at one time that two Pulitzer prizes were awarded for stories that turned out to be complete fabrication.

The stories made up recently have turned out to be far less credible.

Since most people in politics and the national spotlight actually HAVE committed crimes, even if only process crimes, you might start looking for something real instead of making stuff up for sensationalism.

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Just to remind everyone, the Müller report showed several instances of contact between the drumpf campaign and russians. It also listed several instances of obstruction of justice.
There was no exoneration. Quite the contrary.

As for Ukraine. Several republicans admitted that it was proven that he did it, and that it was impeachable.
They just chose to acquit anyway, with various excuses as to why.

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Most of us can read what was actually said and published, Nice try.

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Clearly not you.

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You mean what is the next barrel of hot water that the Democrats will make up?

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It doesn’t matter to me WHO provides the barrel or boils the water. I contend that there are more barrels than you can count and a virtual lake of boiling water. Moreover, it isn’t the Democrats alone busily filling those barrels. The slew of investigations currently underway will force, the House to once again place Stinky’s head on the block. It’s merely a case of WHICH barrels. I suppose the more apt metaphor would be the old adage around how “the mills of the gods grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.”

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When you make as many enemies, as Trump has, you are going to end up in this situation.

Lots of people, are looking for any reason to lynch him…

He’s walking on eggshells, that he created…

His rhetoric, and behavior, make him an easy target.

And with each escape from his troubles, he gets bolder…

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Yes. If you say Trump sucks hairy green donkey dicks, that’s acceptable. But if he calls someone a sleazebag or a terrible person, for what they did betraying the administration they work for, that is abhorrent and unbecoming of a president.

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Calling for violence. Making fun of the handicapped. Asking for foreign assistance, for his political gain. Demonizing entire races/ethnic groups. Insulting anyone who opposes his views.
Firing people, because they don’t agree with him, or oppose him.
Obstruction of justice.
Constantly lying. Constantly misunderstanding his role, and /or his power. Abusing his office.

“Betraying the administration they work for?” Are you kidding me?
If your boss is doing bad things, you have two options. Being complicit. Or. Exposing what is going on, and deal with the ramifications…

When working in the higher levels of the government, the American people are entrusting that person, to uphold their oaths. There is NO oath, to let the POTUS run wild…
His underlings, have a responsibility to the American people. That doesn’t mean that they have to agree with the POTUS, or cover up for his wrong doings.

Now. In a gang, that’s what a person is expected to do.

Is that what the US executive branch is? A gang?...

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And now he is actively interfering in the criminal prosecutions against his criminal underlings, to get their sentences reduced.

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I would more call it Mob like sorta closer to the Mafia.

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^I wish I didn’t agree with you. But….

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