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Do you own a pair of dangerous shoes?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) February 13th, 2020

I do, yet I won’t throw them out as I like to live dangerously with my dangerous shoes.
These are slip on tennis shoes with a smooth bottom.
Why would they make them that way?? Why?

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If killer heels count then yeah, you betcha!

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In a way, I do.
I have Clarks, a black pair, that I bought some twenty five years ago.
I liked how they look (still do).
The first period after I purchased them I didn’t wear them (I tend to be weary of wearing new stuff; afraid I might smudge it).
Then my brother’s mother-in-law died.
I decided that they would go perfectly with my dark clothes that I would wear to her funeral.
Then the idea was born in my head that these were only to be worn at funerals.

Now I’ve wore them at several indeed, but the last years also to other, more festive, events.

People around me, who know about them, and their use, are now afraid that someone has died, when they see me, wearing them.

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All shoes can become dangerous when provoked! Ask my sneakers that I wore for hiking.

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Also, don’t sniff my Merrells.

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I have 1 pair of dressy Skechers that are very comfortable, & they have a good sole. Still on humid days & businesses with a certain type of floor, they become slick as glass!!! It’s NOT all types of floors, just certain ones. When I ask what type of material the floor is made from, nobody seems to know. So, now IF I’m wearing them & I walk into a business & my foot slides, I turn around & leave opting to do my business in a safer place!!! I wear these shoes a lot & don’t always have the problem, so I’ve started paying attention to when they become slick!!! At this point it seems to be humidity related so I’m opting to wear a different shoe on the really humid days. Rain doesn’t seem to make a difference, but humidity does!!!

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@janbb. Why do you provoke your shoes? You are just a mean girl.

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@chyna I would imagine that the action of trying to get them on over those goofy little pengfeet can be quite provocative in and of itself

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Yeah, men’s dress shoes with hard smooth bottoms – deadly as heck on a smooth wet or dusty surface. Also uncomfortable as heck. Awful.

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@canidmajor They don’t want to go on my happy feet!

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I do have a pair of super tall stilettos that are begging to break one of my bones. I threw away my slippery flip flops finally. Smooth bottom, also, what’s up with that?

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Yep. Super slim high heels, that are almost coming off because I bought them from a scam store and they were literally only GLUED to the body of the shoe and I’ve still worn them twice. So I live on the edge too.

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@Nuggetmunch -Lol! Definitely re-glue before you wear them again.

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I use to have a pair of Steel toed engineering boots. My job was loading and unloading trucks and sometimes heavy boxes would fall. So I got the boots to protect my feet. They were also my everyday boots. I’d keep them polished and wear them when I’d go out on a date. Sounds harmless and kinda boring huh? In my neighborhood, there were times some lone walker would get targeted. Sometimes it was me. I’d fight back, I’d knock the attacker down and kick him in the face. That’s what made my footwear dangerous as well as me in a fight. Hey, I was a kid, and never gave it any thought as to my boots being a lethal weapon. Dad never told me they were lethal.

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@LadyMarissa Dressy Skechers for Skechy Dressers?

sorry, could never resist a goid pun!

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@RabidWolf I had a pair of those too. I wore them when I was working around horses. They don’t care if they step on your toes, and with those boots I didn’t either.

I ended up trading them to a sword swallowed/juggler for his regular work boots and an all-access pass to Mardi Gras at the Superdome in 1979.

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