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Be honest, what would it take for you to quit your job right now?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18270points) 1 month ago

I can only speculate ,like a huge health scare?
You found the job of your dreams? But even that you would give a notice to your employer.
What would it take to do it today with no notice?

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Enough money to last for one or two lifetimes.

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Enough money to make a massive severance package for my coworkers and an enticing opportunity elsewhere for me.

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Good planning.
As I am retired now it was financial planning or more like budgeting to get the things in place to eventually start my own business .

I have in phases…paid off new computer.
Research photo restore software
Purchase suitable software for the above.

Have already started restoration of my late parents old photographs plus old black and white images of my own to restore and colorize myself.

I love the challenges of restoration and colorizing and love the finished product.
I have numerous creative hobbies to self publish etc

I am an amateur writer and have numerous written drafts that I have accumulated in my past as I wrote daily journals/diaries of which I will self publish in the next while.

(the above needs more editing before I publish them).

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If I won a million dollars. I’d actually keep working for a while to not leave my boss in a lurch. I only work 25–45 hours a month, and I work from home.

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Financial independence. I would be gone that day.

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I like what I do very much and have no desire to stop.
I have had challenges due to certain health conditions but they were not bad enough to make me quit.

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I retired two years ago.

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I should clarify my comments about my coworkers. I’m pretty sure if I left, our practice would likely fall apart and close. Our employees are really special and I feel a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to their long-term well being. I would not walk out on them unless I could afford to pay them so generously that they didn’t care about losing their jobs.

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Enough money for me to get through the next 5 years without taking SS, and paying off the bills I plan to pay off before then.

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All I have to do is stop enjoying my work.

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Enough to support me significantly better and with at least as much permanence/security, be something i was wanting to do more, had equally good people to work with, didn’t require me to move (or not someplace I didn’t want to move to) and would also put me in a position to be able to support my current employer’s transition to replace me in my current role.

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My current job was meant to be temporary while I study for a career where I could make a decent paycheck but I really enjoy what I do. My coworkers are fun to be around, I have unique perks (we have access to a private suite for several music venues) and my job is only a five minute walk from my home. I couldn’t be luckier.

I would never up and leave my coworkers without notice unless my health was in jeopardy. I’d prefer to not work weekends and a nicer paycheck would help but I’m content at the moment.

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No notice is a huge black mark, so unless it was a family emergency, no reason would be good enough.

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I’d need the salary and benefits (health benefits) that I get presently, plus a supplement that will make up for the lower pension that I’d get from retirement to the day I die.

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