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Feeling blue? If not, what color IS your mood today?

Asked by McBean (1703points) September 1st, 2008

Silly question, I know. But sometimes it’s a good thing to consciously assess your mood. Don’t worry about traditional color or aura associations. Just tell us what color you feel today, and a bit of an explanation.

I feel a bit metalic. Silver, maybe. Nearly void of color, but very reflective. I think it means I have to get off the computer and get some physical work done.

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I feel brown. Warm and lazy :)

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funny, I thought silver before I read your answer McBean.
for the very same reason.

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If there’s a back-to-school color, I am unforetunely flaunting that today. ;(

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I’m thinking… purple.

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Yellowish Orange

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@MrMeltedCrayon: Purple sounds kind of deep.

@Spargett: Is Yellowish Orange a good thing?

My color has changed. Sort of a sickly wilted celery color. I was really hoping for a vibrant azure, but I just don’t think I have it in me today.

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Black. Like the colour of my heart.

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Think of a sunrise. As in the darkness before the light.

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I’m so golden tonight!

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I feel like Ultramarine Blue.

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I feel yellow today. It’s gray and rainy outside, but I have a day off work and feel sunshiny and vibrant.

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I’m simply peachy! :D

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@scamp Peachy is my stock response when someone asks me how I am.

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i’m a mixture of mauve and olive green. i’m thinking mauve because it seems to be a very lovely color, all purpley-pinkish, but still very unsaturated, i’m lacking in motivation. and olive green because i feel very gross and lazy, and i slightly envy those lucky people who have no worries in life at the moment.
i’m not quite sure how those colors work together, or even how i came up with them, but those are just what i feel. very blah, but there’s a hint of beauty underneath there somewhere.

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i’m going to say gold, like it gets sometimes on reeeeallll nice days and the sun is behind the trees and it’s chilly out. probably because that’s how the weather was today around 4, and i went outside and was reminded of how low tolerance in florida is for cool weather :p

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Orange. I feel extremely acid inside.

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@Maldadpermanente – A good way to neutralize that is with something cool and blue. Like water. A swim would be good. So would a bath or shower. Or you could always burn it out by working up a sweat. Assuming the acid inside isn’t welcome, that is.

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Black as the Earl of Hells boots.

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