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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Asked by ucme (49333points) 1 month ago

With a kiss…

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Omelet with cheeses and various meats !

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I like an omelette.

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Stirred to a rowdy dither.

Or on a cheeseburger, with bacon and avocado.

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I remember going to sandwich shop for breakfast- – over medium egg, big slice of yellow onion, two slices of ham (to fit a Kaiser roll) maybe a splash of Ketchup. That would be three days a week while on a off-site project.

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I don’t think I’ve had egg for breakfast since I was a wee bairn when I’d dip me soldiers in the runny yolk on me soft boiled.
However, I love omelettes…delicious!

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Over easy, bathed in bacon grease.

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This gave me a laugh, but I always just scramble them.

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Soft boiled with buttered sliced toast cut into fingers. For dipping.

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Omelette, with green pepper, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Cheese I like Swiss, cheddar, or American.


Omelette, I add some Italian breadcrumbs to the beaten egg. Mushrooms and cheese (mozzarella or American).


Omelette, small cubes of white bread soaked in the egg and mozzarella.


French toast. Does that count?

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@ucme How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Not as much as the bacon with which they come.

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Toast and over easy here. Must be free range though!!! Yellow yolk is unacceptable flavor-wise.

Or scrambled with Franks hot sauce.

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Hard boiled and plain.

Last Summer my buddy told the young cook that he wanted his eggs “sunny side up” and she didn’t know what that was. Funny listening to the two trying to communicate.

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Over easy on toast.

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I love eggs. This is a tough one.

I prefer to scramble them, with cheese, scallions, and anything else I have available.

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At home, easy over. In a diner, scrambled or easy over, or an omelette with peppers and onions.

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I’m that guy who doesn’t like eggs.

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Over easy. I love breaking that yolk and dipping my toast in it.

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I don’t eat in the morning but I love eggs and have many dinners of omelets or scrambled eggs. I often add onions and cheese. I love egg sandwiches on toasted rye too.

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Ham, cheddar, and baby spinach omelette.

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Made of chocolate.

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I just tried the Reese’s pieces Easter egg. It is a hollow chocolate shell which tastes exactly like a Hershey bar, with Reese’s pieces inside.
Two thumbs up!!

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Over medium, served with toast and bacon.

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Over easy with Worcestershire sauce.

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Hmm, chocolate eggs for brekkie…diabetic much :D

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Medium poached egg on mashed avocado on top of grain bread with angular topping.

( had this at a cafe a few times, but have since stopped eating bread and sugars, and having fruit bowl or oatmeal for breakfast…and sometimes I don’t feel like eating breakfast at all.)
Lost 30 – 35 Pounds already.

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@Darth Never heard of that combo. Hmmm…

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It’s something I’ve done since I was a kid. For as long as I can remember. Unfortunately when I go out to eat many places don’t have Worcestershire sauce, so if I’m wanting eggs I’ll always ask if they have that before hand. If they don’t then I’ll generally order the eggs scrambled instead of fried.

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^I prefer hot sauce, on many meals. Not every restaurant, has hot sauce. So. I order the same way. I ask, if they have hot sauce. If they don’t, that will dictate my order.

That’s just thinking ahead. Smart…

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Hmmm, I put Worcestershire sauce in my deviled eggs. It is a good combination.

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^^^ Heretic!

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@Darth_Algar I have never eaten eggs since I was a baby. And I was born on a chicken farm! A lifelong aversion.

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Eggs, are great. There are many ways to cook them, too.

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I guess it depends on how I feel that day. I generally do scrambled if I am making eggs for a lot of people and don’t feel like doing one or two eggs at a time. If it is just for me, I generally like over-easy. But omelets are always a treat!

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^Omelets, are awesome.

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So, does this mean you’re fixing breakfast, Snookums?

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@janbb Really? A big chicken farm? I wonder what the aversion is, do you know?

We only had about 20 and I loved them. Nothing better than farm fresh glowing orange yolks.

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There are many animals, that I love. But. I have eaten most of them, at one time or another.

I passed out drunk, in my kitchen once. I woke up, because my cat was chewing on my foot… I know that he loved me. But. He was OK with eating me…

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