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Without searching for it do you know the meaning of the following word?

Asked by rebbel (33246points) February 27th, 2020


If you do know you may also give a fictitious one.

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Yeah when they had gas street lights a man would go around in the morning turning them off and people would ask him to knock on their windows to get them up for the day.
At least this was true in England.

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I have never seen that word or that from of an expression. But if I were to come up with a alternative phrase for a possible meaning i would say “baby daddy”.

(I hope it isn’t some archaic expression for a guy who raps on your window to wake you up, or taps your head in church during a long droning service).

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That’s a gravity defying push-up bra.

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I’ve only seen it as to knock someone up. It means different things in England and America. In England it still means to wake someone up; in the USA it means to get someone pregnant.

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A boob lift

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An under the butt nut cup?

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A rapist that specialises in forcing pregancies on his victims.

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A potent street drug…

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The first thing that comes to mind is getting a woman pregnant, but I vaguely have in my mind it’s someone who knocks on doors, like the name of a job. Not sure.

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A female with NO morals who loves being pregnant!!!

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No Marissa. A “knocker upper” would be the one who gets her pregnant.

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I have nothing….no idea whatsoever.

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A guy who got some girl preggers.

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In those first gaslit streets in Pall Mall a knocker-upper would use a snuffer-outer while those abed hearkened the heraldry of another dawn.

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The guy who wakes someone up.

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Yes, the wake-them-up-suggesters had it correct.

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