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How does residency work?

Asked by honeybun35 (338points) 1 month ago

I watch a show where the young lady is the girlfriend to a pro football athlete. She is in medical school. Once the two married she was waiting on her residency. I am not sure was this after she completed the actual medical school.

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You were watching a TV show, so it may not be completely accurate as to how things work.

During the last year of Medical School, students apply for residency at various places around the US for post graduate training. Residents are Doctors, but are still working under supervision at a teaching hospital.

One usually has a year of general residency before selecting a specialty and undergoing a specialty residency.

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@zenvelo Has it correct enough.

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Medical school, then internship, then residency, then fellowships/specialties

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Just as a point of clarification, many residencies now loop the internship into the residency, so it’s just a first year resident. Occasionally people will do intern transitional years and then do something else.

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