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What's the easiest way to copy over my filesystem onto my newer, faster, stronger internal hard drive?

Asked by andrew (16380points) September 1st, 2008

“We can rebuild him…”

I have a new internal HD for my MacBook Pro. I have an external HD that’s large enough to hold the entire contents of the HD, and a Time Capsule with everything backed up on it.

What’s the simplest way to get the old drive onto the new drive? (Preferably that doesn’t involve me rooting around the bowels of my house looking for my leopard DVD)

Bonus Question: I’m going to make the new drive dual-boot. Boot camp before or after the transfer?

Bonus bonus question: Would my old drive (2.5” SATA) work in a PowerPC macbook?

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Dude, set up two partitions – at least. Depending on the music/software you’re backing up, isolate only the necessary files. Odds are you aren’t looking run your other system on a dual boot. But, should you decide this, I would take the time to understan the boot partition. This is not for lightweights.

If you do want to bring the entire hard drive over to the backup HD. start with the root directory. ”/” However, your home directory /home/“username” should be sufficient.

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Check out SuperDuper… It has saved me many hours of work doing imaging in the past.

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@voodoologic: I understand it’s not for lightweights. And copying my root directory isn’t really what I’m looking for, since I want a complete disk image (including locking down files that are in use while the image is being mad).

Couldn’t I make an image using Time Machine (either on the time capsule or the external HD), install the new drive, and then restore from Time Machine? And then run boot camp?

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@andrew ohh, I can only speak from a Linux/UNIX perspective. Otherwise, I know XP software. command_tab seems to know the plot of this mystery.

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You should be able to restore from a time machine backup, though I’ve never tried it. You don’t need to make an image from time machine to restore from. You will need your install disk, though. See

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Dude, dude, dude. The app you need is Carbon Copy Cloner which is free, and makes an exact, bootable dupe of your HD onto your new one. I have used this many times without fail. Enjoy!

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You can restore your hard drive from a time machine backup. You have to have the Leopard DVD though.

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Second vote for SuperDuper. Get it, use it, love it.

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I ended up using SuperDuper, and I worked without a flaw. 232GB free, baby.

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