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What happened to Saturdays?

Asked by ucme (49620points) 1 month ago

Or any other day, come to that!
Weekends are temporarily suspended by govt order.

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When you’re home every day, Saturdays are just like the rest & holidays are no longer special either!!!

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Yes, pretty much.

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@LadyMarissa Well yeah lol but I was hoping for a spot of creative thinking :D
It’s true though, there are no days of the week anymore, just yesterday, today & tomorrow.
One good thing though, no more Monday morning blues.
I miss sport badly…did I mention that already? :D

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I’m trying hard to stick to a schedule so it all feels normal.

Getting up at 7AM, washed, dressed, coffee, get to work. As such, I’m forcing myself to relax on weekends of do house projects.

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I am sleeping until late afternoon most days (4:00 P.M.), and staling up until 5:30 A.M. or so. There is plenty I COULD be doing at my parent’s house (which I will have to deal with clearing in a year or so), but I cannot find the motivation.

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I work M-F and have S-Su off. Nothing has changed with the weekends for me. Except the weather is getting warmer so I can do more outside.

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It has been replaced by Caturdays.

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I have to thing twice about what day it is and I love it. I love not having the stress of getting up and driving 45 minutes to work, and worrying at night that I’m not getting to bed early enough and sleeping straight through so I can get up on time to start the whole thing all over again.

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Yeah, weekends come and go, and are just boring now, with this virus and order. Thinks will get better!

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Things so?

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