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Are you doing the same amount of work working from home?

Asked by JLeslie (61541points) April 7th, 2020 from iPhone

If you usually work in an office.

Do you wish you could continue to work from home forever more? Or, some variation of work from home and office.

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I am doing pretty much the same. But I would rather be in the office, I miss camaraderie. And i often have some slack time that I would use to check in with colleagues in the building.

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Still about the same.
But now I can take a nap whenever I want.

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Gee I wonder how I could work from home?

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I know I’d get more work done if had a studio outside my home.
Now with my husband home, we are goofing off more than ever.

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It’s about the same, as far as my teaching goes. It’s just more tedious since it’s online. I cannot wait for this to be over. Working from home is not something I enjoy.

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I worked for a major Silicon Valley high-tech corporation for ten years. They distributed laptops to every new hire. If their work allowed it, people were encouraged to work at home at least once a week, logged into the VPN, as long as their managers approved.

The company touted this policy as part of their green initiative, reducing employees’ commute time.

In my group, people typically had one or two (a few had three) WAH days per week. We called into meetings using conferencing software. All our work in progress was right on our laptops and/or accessible through the VPN.

I was not alone in finding that I got much more done at home than I ever did in the office. It was quiet, there were few interruptions, and I put in longer hours with fewer and shorter breaks. I was able to sustain concentration and productivity much better than when surrounded by cubicle conversations, taking phone calls, and having to be physically present in meetings.

I didn’t expend any energy on my appearance, travel, or chitchat.

It does take a certain kind of discipline, and many people do need the social contact more than I do.

People who had trouble staying on task and meeting deadlines while WAH didn’t get to keep the privilege, but most of my colleagues in documentation were introverts anyway and handled it well. I had already had years of experience as a freelancer working at home, so there was no novelty in it for me other than the laptop itself and the VPN.

Over the course of my decade there, office presence declined so much that most cubicles were empty a lot of the time. Paradoxically, that would have made it easier for some of us to work on site; but it was so nice to go to work in jeans and slippers, without makeup or hairspray, that I didn’t want to trade.

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Wife has an office and has had one for 7 years she has worked from home. So no change here, I’m retired so no change there either.

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Close to the same amount of work, and yes I LOVE working from home. These dogs are getting a little clingy though, my boy won’t let me out of his sight. Hopefully this part stays the same, but I do miss my coworkers a little. However, cutting emissions and reducing fossil fuel dependence would be a great gift to future generations.

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More but different work. I’m getting things done that I’m technically supposed to do but usually don’t because they are insignificant compared to when we are physically at work doing projects. I’m ready to go back and its only been two days.

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@SQUEEKY2 You’ll be driving trucks remotely like they do drones on the battle field. We’ll see that long before autonomous vehicles are delivering goods.

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