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Why do some people feel that wearing a mask in dense areas is affecting their freedom?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20806points) October 19th, 2020

Believe me I dislike wearing a mask, but if I go into places that require me to wear it I have no problem putting one on.
Why do some have issues with it?

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Because the government is telling them to do it

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It is part of the ” cult” mentality

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Dr. Seuss had Star Bellied Sneetches, Hitler had stars on our arms, and QAnon has decided a mask is the mark of the other.

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Because something that never would have been political under any other President has been politicized by this one in his desperation to cling to power at all costs.

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Some of it could be gender differences. Men are less likely to wear a mask, as more men feel that wearing a face covering is shameful, not cool, a sign of weakness, and a stigma.

There are clearly ideological differences as well. I drove downtown this weekend on my way to go vote, and there were two groups of people holding signs for candidates. On one side of the street were people holding signs for the Dem local rep. All of them were wearing signs. On the other side of the street were people holding signs for the Rep local rep. Not one of them was wearing a mask. They were blocking the sidewalk.

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^And there are more cases of men contracting Covid than women. I wonder how manly they look with a respirator on their face?

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Trump, Fox, AM radio, etc. were calling the pandemic a hoax and “within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero”. Conservatives cling to their comfortable sources and reject the truth to defy The Libs. Same with climate change.

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I wish I could post the comments I’ve read in my area. They really feel that its government overreach.

My cousin is a nurse locally and posted a few times until they even turned on her

There are plenty of us erring on the side of caution (8 months at home for me) but others acting as if its nothing more than a bad flu.

In our college towns, even liberal areas, both parties are mask-less. Superspreaders.

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Here is a antimasker in my town from today.

‘This is bullshit. Cities that have masking mandates end up getting more covid cases. Masks don’t do squat. Do your own research and stop being sheep.’

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Pretty much the same attitude in my “quaint” little southern IL hometown where “everyone is friendly and people look out for one another”. They’ll point to how Chicagoans wear masks yet Chicago has more COVID cases than they do. Now, masks or not, I can’t imagine why a city of millions might have a higher number of cases than a town of a couple thousand.

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It’s proven to protect others from you, by keeping spittle and other droplets that one projects while talking ,yelling, sneezing ,coughing ,and so on.
And yet people are all up in arms about wearing them,and Government overreach?
A lot of businesses are making it policy to wear one while at their establishment ,don’t want to wear one don’t by all means but don’t go to where it’s expected of you, what is so hard about that?

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At the library this morning a librarian told a guy in a Trump sweatshirt he would need to wear a mask. He loudly snapped back “I have a health issue!” and waited for a fight. I could almost hear eyes rolling. They then politely took care of his question.

I was tempted to give him sympathies for his mental health issue but thought the librarians were setting a better example.

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@Darth_Algar Right?! 128 dead and a mask is too much to ask. Crazy.

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@SergeantQueen The Government also says not to drive drunk.

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My son has a friend who is into all the Conspiracy Think. Some of these people seem to believe that the entire Covid 19 thing, masking and all of it, is a plot by some shadowy “Them” to control the masses and eventually the world. Not aiming to get into a dispute on religion here, but some of this stems from Christian eschatology concerning End Times, the Anti Christ, and other things. So refusing to mask up is a thumb in the face of “The New World Order”.

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I met a woman the other day who thought it all was a conspiracy to push a vaccine agenda at us.
I kid you not.

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@Nomore_lockout I find that really funny because I can’t see getting the entire world to agree to scam everyone about a fake virus. I can’t get my office to agree on where to get lunch.

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@chyna Agreed, but that’s what a lot of them really believe. But then a lot of them never met a conspiracy they didn’t like.

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If I was Gretchen Whitmer, I’d issue a clothing mandatory edict on the Winter Equinox, just to see how many Trumpoons go nude and maskless in the freezing rain. ;-D

Can you imagine the horror of seeing a naked Trump holding a nude “Whitmer get screwed” rally? ;-o

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@Brian1946 – Please dude, don’t give them any bright ideas. I can see and army of MAGA cap wearing Trump fan boys, yelling “Whitmer get screwed”, and asking each other, who’s Whitmer?

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My daughter insists that a mask is useless because the holes in them are bigger than the virus. Well, that may be true, but the virus isn’t floating around under its own power. It get launched in droplets of mucus and that’s where the facemask comes in.

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Exactly @Dutchess_III the mask doesn’t protect the person wearing the mask it protects others from the person wearing the mask ,people seem to have a hard time grasping that.

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Winter equinox solstice.

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@Brian1946 That was a truly horrifying mental image you just painted..!

P.s nice alteration not many people know there’s a difference between the two.

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