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What are favorite things to do in quarantine?

Asked by Plentylove09 (113points) May 1st, 2020 from iPhone

What series do you enjoy watching, or what activities take place at your home?

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I’ve binged season 6 of Bosch and taken some delight in the wife’s present addiction to season 1. My browbeating previous to the pandemic had no effect on her, but episode 1 season 1 did the trick just as it did with me. The phrase “can’t let go” is now forever changed in our house. We sing it now!

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My son and I are working through the IMDb Top 250. Last night we watched on The Waterfront”.

My other favorite activity these days is hiking on the more obscure trails around here.

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I’ve drawn up plans for window shutters and am now working on a stained glass pattern for them along with tile designs for a backsplash.
I like to get outside and will probably have a bonfire tomorrow night with a glass of wine as it is not freezing at night anymore.
As for tv, I binge watched most of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
My husband’s been home about a month and we’ve managed to procrastinate on a lot of other stuff but have had a good time.

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In my case I have an exercise routine daily, which I enjoy and happen to have lot’s of fun with, it really disconnects me, cleaning the house while listening to my favorite music, watching Netflix series, etc

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Cooking, reading, watching old movies, tai chi and simple yoga routines, waking the quiet streets of my neighborhood, congregational services and meetings.

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tinkering projects, yardwork

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My daughter and I binge-watched all three seasons of Ozark (Netflix), the the first season of Home Before Dark (Apple TV+), then went back and watched the first four seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix). We also just started Defending Jacob (Apple TV+).

All good stuff.

On my own, I’ve been watch Season three of Killing Eve (BBC).

I would love to do some reading, but my work schedule is bonkers, so my brain is fried at the end of the day.

I did start a new illustration though, so that’s good.

I may go for a drive alone tomorrow and catch up on podcasts.

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I’ve been going on regular walks with my mom, which has been nice. It’s something she was doing regularly while I was living away, but now that I’m back home I’m joining her and we have good talks during them (my dad is usually less willing to join us but he has come along a few times. He’s been spending most of his time in his workshop making and repairing furniture).

Otherwise I’ve been watching a lot of American Dad and reading (including reading outside in the yard).

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My wife, meanwhile, has been cooking up a storm (Yum), started reading a book for the first time in years, and has watched about 140 Hallmark Movies.

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Well the only outings we’ve really done is for turkey season and morel hunting season, besides getting groceries or helping our parents (social distancing.) As far as at home, lots of tv, lots of social media, too much PS4. Lots of yard work and time outside with the dogs, they are completely spoiled with attention, going to be hell to pay once we re-open.

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We got our Border Collie pup Oscar just before lockdown kicked in.
He is my favourite thing to do throughout the time since.
So much attention, affection, play & bonding gone on.
I love him like a son & I don’t care how soppy that sounds so there!

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@ucme How fun! Congrats!

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Cheers fellow dog lover :-)

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Eat, sleep, watch TV. Married people might find something else to do…

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My partner bought a virtual reality head/hand set. We both are getting a kick from it, whether it is a game or a 3D movie.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been watching all of the films listed in, “1001 Movies to See Before You Die”. It has been an adventure. Right now, we are watching about one and starting another in the same day if my partner isn’t working. (We have learned that we do not care for most of Alfred Hitchcock films, nor Jimmy Stewart, or Humphrey Bogart.).

Home projects are in focus. The car port is now a garage. A few necessary items have been purchased on eBay, such as lamps and computer equipment. Windows are being washed, the bee hive received an inspection and cleaning, etc.

I like to cook. It is my responsibility to keep the house stocked and make meals. It took seven weeks of lockdown before I could get a grocery store delivery. Creating meals based upon what was on hand, what was available at the local convenience shop, and exchanging necessary ingredients with a neighbor, has been a challenge that is sort of thrilling.

Some of the local market vendors are putting boxes together which can be purchased online and then they are delivered. A massive box of fresh fruit and veg. was delivered today. We have also arranged for meat deliveries. If needed, I could do what the neighbor does and have milk, eggs, and cheese delivered. It’s been a huge success for local vendors who quickly adapted to “contactless” transactions.

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Being at home with my husband. He’s working from home. We take breaks together and watch TV or sit outside on the patio. So nice.

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Talking to my just hatched praying mantis nymphs. One hundred or so little triangles turned in my direction.

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I read and read. Surf the net for news. And read.

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I’m “working from home” 35–40 hours a week. My morning coffee and watching TV is until around 11 a.m. I check emails and get or make an occasional phone call. Luckily it’s not terribly busy, since most other people are working from home and so there are not a lot of work issues.

I go with my daughter several times a week to visit friends and we walk, socially distant, or I sit with the mom and we chat while the girls take a walk to the lake. That may be a two hour, total, escapade.

I was painting the dining room. I’m done now and in the process of putting everything back, hanging stuff back on the walls, am doing little painting projects (shelves for example). I’m cleaning while I’m putting things back so it will all look great. I got new curtains and the rod and curtains need to be hung, along with some other new stuff that has to be unboxed and put up.

Other than that, it’s streaming shows and helping my daughter with her online school work. New York just announced that in-school has ended for the remainder of the school year so it’s online for the next two months. That was no surprise. I have to keep after my daughter to make sure she is keeping up with the work. She is a night owl and I’m not so we have to coordinate our schedules to get the work done.

I love being home and I love not running around for work meetings and night meetings (about two a month), and having only the weekends to get errands done, but I’m tired, at this point, of hearing the daily press conferences from the Governor and the New York City Mayor, since they’re saying pretty much the same thing every day, and they both say similar things. I also would love to be able to go to a restaurant or take a little trip, but I remind myself that when those things are happening, that means things will be opened back up which also means I’ll probably be back to work, so that will be the good with the bad.

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When I was quarantined in the hospital back in ‘07, there wasn’t much I could do except watch the antibiotics drip drip drip into my IV. I’ve never been quarantined before or after by myself.
Doing it en masse is also new but I get to keep working and I’m not confined to a hospital bed.
It’s hard to describe being quarantined if you never had to do it before.

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