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How can I delete my email accounts?

Asked by emorris25 (84points) May 20th, 2020

I have 5 different Gmail accounts and 1 Yahoo account. I get so many junk emails and scams. I want to create a new email but I need to be sure that the important people and companies know that I have switched. Any suggestions?

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1) Create a new email.
2) Figure out who the important ones are, and change your email with them. Make sure they each acknowledge the change.
3) Go to each unwanted email account and disable it.

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3a) Keep the old ones active for a little while before you delete them, and review inboxes often to pick up any strays.

4) Consider a spam detector of some sort for the new account.

5) Always make sure to uncheck the “send ,me important updates” box on the signout page when you carry out online transactions.

I keep two separate accounts active, one for personal contacts and the other for anything else, including online subscriptions and orders. That makes it pretty easy for me to keep unwanted junk out of my mailbox.

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