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What is the best way to handle a whiner?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (33732points) 4 days ago

Duct tape or a cannon? ;)

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Stranded in the desert with out water.

“Out of the car. NOW!”

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@zenvelo -That’s a nice option!

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Ban them from this site.

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Ignore them.

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Duct tape first followed by the cannon!!!

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Mozambique drill?

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Are you married to him?

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Depending on the specifics, sometimes the best strategy is to simply agree with them. It can take the whined wind right out of their sails.

Sometimes it just lets them know they’re heard and understood, which may be all they’re actually looking for (granted there are better ways to seek that).

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In my experience any kind of acknowledgement just encourages them.

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Lock them in a rest home full of Covid -19 people.

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@elbanditoroso -No.He is the antithesis of that.and that is one of many reasons that I love him so much :)

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I’m not a violent person…
fill in the blank

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@lucillelucillelucille…but stop flapping ya gums or that will change!

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I’d ignore or avoid. If it’s a child, I’d ignore the whining. If it persists, I’d tell the child to stop.

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I try to get to the root of the issue. Sometimes it can be enough to say “You sound sad. Can you tell me about it?” Magically, the whining is replaced by an actual conversation. It’s important to remember that invalidating feelings will lead to more whining. Being understanding is much more helpful. So I try to say, “I get it. I’d be angry/sad/unsure about that too” – and save my sage advice on why it’s not a big deal for later. Because as we all know, things can feel huge in the moment, and being told their big problems are actually irrelevant can make people feel very alone.

Especially with children but also with adults, whining often stems from negative sensation. This can be hunger, thirst, overstimulation, pain, the “wrong” temperature, annoyance at a certain sound, fatigue, etc. Those are some universal triggers, but there are individual ones as well. Personally, I get very cranky whenever my nails are too long.

So, if you know the whiny one quite well, you might be able to help by just satisfying some physical needs. My husband was feeling down the other day, and I brought him some apple juice. Magical cure. When I went sledding with all my young cousins and realized the whole group was cranky, I called for a cocoa break. Things like that. At the very least, taking care of your own needs will make the whining easier to deal with.

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sneeze on them and they will stay away from you.

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@seawulf575 -They’ll just whine from a distance but it’s better than nothing.

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