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How often is a genius chemist or biochemist who is average or bad in mathematics (e.g. already in high school)?

Asked by Sanger (75points) May 26th, 2020

For example, genius biologist Charles Darwin was not good at mathematics, but instead that he was genius in biology and geology. I believe that there are more geologists and biologists, which are not great in math. But how do chemists and biochemists? Is mathematics very important to them and can’t they do without it? Or is there or existed genius chemists who were average or below average in mathematics (e.g. already in high school)?

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Math just takes practice and training. Learning math is no different than learning to tie your shoes.

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Of course there are going to be superior biologists who loathe math. Chemists or biochemists will find the deficit in talent for mathematics much more tricky to sidestep. But the point is that regardless of one’s affinity for any of those fields, it is next to impossible to acquire the proper certification in those disciplines minus the required courses in mathematics. Genius is laudable, but credentials will be required for even the opportunity to display it.

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Well, chemistry and biochemistry are very different. You use a lot of math in chemistry. Biochemistry not so much.

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It will could work if you self finance and do your own research.
Mathematics are my weak spot too. I am grateful that psychology has limited math prerequisites. My grade 12 math score is exactly 50%. My admission grades to get into university where the bare minimum of 60% when my average was 61%.

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There was a poster hanging in the science wing of my college that read, “What do you call a chemist who is bad at math? A biologist.”

Chemistry is impossible to advance through without math and one would hardly be regarded as a genius in a science without an advanced degree these days.

Biology does not require such math. As has been mentioned, biochem is quite different than chemistry in regards to math and calculations.

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