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Does it matter who Trig's mother really is?

Asked by allengreen (1631points) September 3rd, 2008

Palin, that is…...

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This smear has already been put to rest.

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Clearly, we need to get to the bottom of it to figure out who, in fact, gave him such a horrible name. That’s really my only concern…

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Point #1 – The smear has been put to rest, if you believe that the Palin’s are now telling the truth about Bristol being 5 months pregnant. She could be 4 months pregnant, she could be not pregnant at all and they will “lose” the “baby” at some point. I’m not saying that’s what I believe, I’m just pointing out that an announcement that Bristol is about 5 months pregnant now does not “prove” anything.

Point #2 – Yes, it does matter. Because if Sarah faked pregnancy to raise Bristol’s child as her own, it means she is a deceitful person who lacks integrity or judgment, and given that McCain is 72 and has survived cancer 4 times, she COULD be the next President. I don’t know about you, but I consider faking a pregnancy to be just a little beyond the whole “families have issues and they deal with them” line…that borders on extremely questionable behavior and judgment, and I think there would be a LOT of Americans who would not be comfortable if this were true.

Again, not saying it is true, but I think it goes beyond just “leave the family out of it.” The rumor also appears to have been prevalent in Alaska months ago, not just some hastily assembled hit job by some left wing conspiracy theorist. So, it also brings up the question of why if she was indeed vetted as McCain claims she was, would their research not have dug this rumor up.

So, whether it’s true or not, it points to a definite lack of judgment on McCain’s part for not having any response other than “leave the family out of it”, and then having his advisors “flush the toilet” on the issue by scrubbing the internet of any pictures or video which might support the rumor (do some searching on it, the number of dead links is breathtaking).

And in a year when the biggest issue seems to be that we want an adminsitration that doesn’t lie to us like the last one, do we really want to put another liar in office? I think it’s pretty important. If she were a private citizen, that would be one thing. But we don’t need our VP to be living the life of Bree Hodge on Desperate Housewives for cripes sakes.

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Obama called the dogs off, but the dogs don’t care. I’m just sayin’…

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Great dale=ditto

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It is a silly rumor. Palin was well in her 40’s when she got pregnant and everyone knows that post 40 pregnancies have an increased risk of Downs Syndrome. The odds point at The Governor being the mother. This is NOT the high road people. Obama is going to win this because of his vision for the future, not because we have stooped to slander and name calling.

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I believe in taking the high road as well, but correllation is not causation. Just because 40+ YO women have higher incidences of Downs babies, and the baby in question has Downs does not PROVE that it is not the daughter’s baby. I don’t think we have proof of anything, but we have compelling evidence that calls the official story into question, and to discount it based on circumstantial evidence is every bit as irresponsible as it would be to accept the rumor out of hat based on circumstantial evidence.

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I thought that young mother’s have an increased risk of having a down syndrome baby too

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Are you just going to keep asking the same question every day?

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Yes, can’t wait until tomorrow—how can I incorporate you into such a question….hmmmmmm

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I must say I agree with Dalepetrie, it matters if she lied about who the child’s parents are. And there are enough inconsistencies to make it believable. (8 months of Mono? flying in labor? not showing at 7 months after 4 children? )

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The inconsistencies are not inconsistencies, they are flat-out lies and misconstructions. No one who is legitimate says she did not show. Mono complications can easily last months.

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Marina -

This video shows her between 6 and 7 months pregnant:

go to 4 mins in.

There are a number of pictures which show her @ 7 months, not showing, but there are also a number of pictures (which have all mysteriously disappeared from the net) which show her pregnant with other children where she’s big as a house. There are also pictures of Bristol in that same timeframe looking like she has a pregnancy bump. Not proof of anything, but the rumor was there before McCain tapped her, and it started for a reason other than just partisan politics.

There are inconsistencies. Doesn’t prove anything, but no one has proven anything to my satisfaction either way. Were I her, though I’d resent it if the rumors weren’t true, I’d have a blood test and use it to shame everyone who suggested such a thing. I wouldn’t say, “well it couldn’t have been my daughter’s kid, cuz she’s pregant now, see…oh and by the way, even though I just made it a public matter, this is a private matter so leave her alone.”

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“this is a private matter so leave her alone”—-So starting now, public officials are off limits regarding their private lives? did you give Clinton that same consideration? how about Spitzer?

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We’re talking about a candidate’s child—not a candidate. That’s the difference.

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