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Doesn’t bother me.
Someone’s family is an important part of who they are. We have several ads here in Columbus put up by Congressional candidates which have their kids, mostly in their late teens, talking about their parents. I don’t think that’s disgusting.

Piper is sort of young, but she loves her mommy. Nothing wrong with putting that on video.

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I hate when people use other people.

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Allengreen; Your use of “disgusting” makes your question a loaded one. Perhaps use a more neutral tone for more thoughtful answers? Just a suggestion.

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When I was a child my uncle was in politics and he ran successfully for a number of State offices. My cousins (his kids) were always involved with the campaign. At the time they started, they were probably between the ages of 4 and 11 and lasted until they were in their teens and early 20’s. It certainly didn’t hurt them. They are all successful and highly educated. Interesting to note, not one is directly involved in running for office.

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@gail: are pedophiles disgusting? murderers? bigots? Is a duck a duck, or is a duck a winged-water foul?
Is it disgusting to use children for political purposes?

@lefteh: then why is the “evil media” being slammed for publishing photo’s of the kids?

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Show me an article where the media is being slammed for publishing those photos, and I’ll tell you based on who is slamming them.

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to use children for political purposes? not being slammed for publishing those photos

use “the google” too many to put here

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No, that’s not what you said. You said the media is being slammed for publishing photos of Palin and/or McCain’s kids.

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They have families. It is up to us as voters if we are to be swayed.

For instance, when Hilary took Chelsey on the road with her to campaign and speak but wouldn’t let anyone talk to her, I felt that was silly. It didn’t look good to me.

As far as that video, I kinda thought, cool, they get a long, and they have a long tough road for a little girl to travel.

It should be off limits for one to attack the other’s kids. That is crude.

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so they can use the kids in photo ops, but the kids cannot be questioned or scrutinized?

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well kids, yes. Under 18.

As adults I would like to think our political agendas are not going to be swayed by a child and a lollypop.

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@allen green: ha ha ha! a “winged-water foul”!! GREAT example of
political doublespeak! Is a duck a duck, or is it a bad move in a game with its “water”, would that be maybe its urine?, equipped with wings? so cool! You do make me chuckle.
Lots of times.

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Foul play, susanc. Be nice.

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It don’t make no never-mind to me.

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Oh Gail, must I? Oh okay.

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winged-water foul——lol


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thanks ag, “roflao” is cool.

see gail, I am doing your bidding.

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lemme guess allen, you’re a flaming Democrat?

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@ AG – isnt that the second time you’ve been call a flaming part of a party only with two different parties?

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I vote for Ron Paul in the primary and will vote for Obama in November, voted for dole in 1996, Bush in 2000, Kerry 2004, and Perot in 1992, if that makes me a flaming democrat, what ever.

yeah bri——i get called a lot of things. It is funny that in our culture, it is unacceptable to challenge one’s belief’s, as if belief’s are sacred.
I get in people’s face and push the limits, because that is what a Democracy is supposed to be under Freedom of Speach, right?

I do not engage in hate speach, but I do attack feminist premises—those that I feel are harmful to the culture at large (this is how I have managed to make so many enemies here is by challenging the feminist assumptions that are vaginizing our culture, and folks don’t want to hear it, but that does not mean the discussion is not important.)

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allen, I lurve your new avatar!

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I just dropped off one of my dress shirts for one hour vaginizing, should I be worried?

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no worries!

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Just remember that this is the woman the republican party chose as it’s vice presidentail candidate.

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I only now figured out what vaginizing meant.

Kinda dense eh.

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