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Who started the rumor that the Secret Service ushered Trump to a bunker?

Asked by Yellowdog (10788points) 1 month ago

Trump has addressed the nation or the press multiple times daily, and is closely working with the FBI and CIA in a Federal Civil Rights investigation, and in constant communication with governors and the National Guard.

I can understand that Biden may say this—he is not even aware that charges have been made (3rd degree murder and homicide), or that an FBI, CIA Civil Rights violation investigation have been made. He says HE would open an investigation, unaware that it was done.

Where did this BUNKER story come from?

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That narrative is very different from what is out there,

That Trump is ‘cowering in a bunker’ and that the ;Nation needs leadership’ at this time.

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@Yellowdog Or you could just say “thank you for directing me to that news story. I guess it isn’t faux news.”
But you can’t do that can you? You have to bluster your way through the truth. I see why you love trump so much. You guys are soul mates.

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Thank you!

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Wait, not possible. I think @Yellowdog possesses a soul.

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yeah, he is just blinded by Trump’s orangeness.

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I’m actually okay with him being in a bunker. It’s an unstable situation and the secret service wanted to keep him safe. Standard procedure when there is a potential threat to his person. Like @Yellowdog I do object to the word “cowering” as it’s a value judgement on what he probably had no choice in doing. He obviously came out of it to do his speech and photo op yesterday.

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@Caravanfan The question disputes the trip to the bunker, nothing in the original OP was about “cowering”. He added that later.

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@canidmajor Since Trump was in the White House and everyone knows the White House is well fortified, I used the term cowering to describe Trump on the bunker on another thread.

And I did so because @Yellowdog described Joe Biden who was socially distancing at home as “cowering in his basement,” @ Yellowdog started the adjectivial sparring, but gets butthurt when it is applied to Trump.

I am awaiting @Yellowdog‘s excuse for gassing religious leaders for Trump’s photo op yesterday/

And, @Yellowdog, Trump has nothing to do with the investigation of the civil rights abuses of the Minneapolis PD nor wit the arrest of the murdering policeman. Those were stared by others.

Why has Trump not met with civil rights leaders in an effort to quell the problems?

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@canidmajor I understand. I was just responding to the whole thread.

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So Fox News it was? Wow. No idea they can do that to their great trumperor. Spread a “rumor” that is true.

But despite it being protocol, standard OP etc…..even a TV show host impeached president could have said NO to being brought into a bunker. What kind of a man who occupies the WH agrees to go into a bunker when citizens are outside angry and protesting a cop murdering a citizen?

A real coward with fake bone spurs maybe?

And then to make up for that MISTAKE…the next morning orders an assault on citizen protesters just so he can have a photo-op holding a Bible! Does he even realize how deplorable, how disgustingly dangerous a deranged clown and pretentious leader he is? Lol

The orange Republican Idol is not “flesh and blood” but “mockery and malice.” Sad!

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The nation does need leadership. When does any nation not need leadership? Even a club of forty people needs leadership.

In fact, try to have a committee or team meeting of six people without someone chairing it, following an agenda, and trying to keep everyone on topic.

And even in the six-person team meeting, if one person uses inappropriate language, bullies the group, or makes it all about him or her to the detriment of the team’s mission and goals, the team is going to fall apart and everyone will be unhappy.

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After being in the bunker, Trump missed a big opportunity today, instead of traipsing to the exterior of the church and brandishing a Bible, he could have gone into the church, prayed, chatted with some religious leaders. He could have at least appeared to do something meaningful, instead of just a photo op.

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^^Yes, but maybe too hard of a scene to act in today? He was on character instead doing what he did. The man is ever trying to be true to his pretentious nature. That takes real discipline and dedication. I give him that.

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Considering how secure and fortified the White House is, and the fact that the building itself doesn’t exactly sit right on the street (seriously, it’s got 18 acres surrounding it), the Fuckopotomus was never in any danger. Moving to the underground bunker was not necessary. Neither was the White House going, completely dark (something that normally only happens when a president dies in office).

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I’m late to this discussion probably but I saw it on Fox, go figure.

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I’d like to think he was hustled into that bunker to isolate him from another infamous opportunity to pour gasoline on the nation’s latest fire. An absolute catastrophe when it comes to “off the cuff”, any excuse to lock him out of sight while he can gather whatever can be passed off as his “wits”.

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I wondered that too. It was on Drudge Report in big red letters! That kind of “reporting” is simply not needed. Removed from my “bookmarks” now. That’ll fix ‘em. ROFL

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I think it’s completely right that the security forces should do their utmost to protect the president, no matter who the president is. If in their judgment he needed to be moved to a bunker, then he had to go along with it unless he had some powerful reason to do otherwise. I would call that prudence and not cowering.

It’s what he did—and continues to do—with his aboveground time that I find unconscionable.

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Hey @Jeruba I think the rest of the world thinks what he does above ground is unconscionable.

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It was first reported by the New York Times.

The only reason the secret service had to take trump to his little bunker is because he ordered the police to you extreme force and chemical weapons to break up a peaceful protest against police brutality on an area of land where peaceful protests are permitted.

So this is how the US turns into the facist totalitarian dictatorship we see in all that sci-fi.

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Yes it was on the news. I read the guardhouse was set on fire so they took precautions.

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@KNOWITALL There were fires in Lafayette Park across the street, but not at any White House facilities. Those are heavily guarded and not approachable by protestors.

There was a fear of car bombs, but since cars cannot get anywhere near the White House without Secret Service approval, it would be an unfounded fear.

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@zenvelo Okay, well liberal NBC said they were.

Other fires were set at a White House guardhouse, NBC News verified on Monday, that was later extinguished, as well as at retailers in the nation’s capital.

Video on twitter:
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Eric Angelo
May 31
The guardhouse at the White House has been set on fire. The police rushes forward and gassed the crowd.

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What is especially pathetic and hilarious, is the fact that not even a month ago, the drumpf PR team released a video of president Whitmore (Independence Day), giving his speech near the end of the film, with drumpf’s face superimposed onto him.
As a reminder, Whitmore then climbed into a fighter jet, and led the final air battle against technologically superior aliens, knowing that he would likely not survive.

And in reality, drumpf hides in his bunker because of unarmed protesters.

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@ragingloli Nope, standard procedure.

What’s old Frank-Walter do, stand outside with his fists up?

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@ragingloli I’d agree with you on that one, actually.

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When it comes to the president’s safety, that’s one time the SS doesn’t screw around. They grab him by both arms & drag him to a secure location if necessary. They don’t ask him if he wants to go. He gets no say at that point. The SS also tend to err on the side of caution and not wait until the SHTF

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Although at this point my kind assessment of the situation was blown. He now says that he did it as an inspection. Why not just tell the truth, that the Secret Service bustled him there when the White House perimeter was breached?

This article was from that far left radical commie magazine “Business Insider.”

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It’s a secret, no one knows.

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It was likely not Trump’s decision.

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It wasn’t a rumor, it was a fact. When things got rowdy outside the WH, the SS took him to a safer place

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