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Do you think a man can be hot but not sexy or sexy but not hot, and can you name and/or post pics of examples?

Asked by tinyfaery (43118points) June 8th, 2020

I’m having a debate with a few coworkers about hot (attractive, gorgeous, esthetically pleasing) v. sexy (that je ne sais quois that makes someone beddable) men. I think a man can be one and not the other. Some agree and some don’t. Do you agree with me or think the two go hand in hand?

Also I think sexy is more of an opinion and attractiveness is more about symmetry.

David Duchovny is sexy not hot

Brad Pitt is hot and sexy

I get hung up on hot but not sexy, because admittedly, the two often go hand in hand.

Help me out my fluther peeps.

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Sexy and hot in that context are synonyms.
So the answer is no.

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I totally agree that a man can be physically attractive and I won’t necessarily be sexually attracted to him. If I’m understanding the question correctly? Sexual attraction is a complex thing, looks are one factor (and not even necessarily one that has to be in the equation if the rest is right.)

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Wow! Women objectifying men! Who would have thunk it!!!

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I do think a man can be hot but not necessarily sexy.
And, also, as a woman, sexy is really not on my mind when I’m checking guys out. I look for things like a good personality, someone who is intelligent and funny.

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Also, FWIW, I didn’t find David Duchovny either sexy or hot. Maybe the pose would appeal to a gay guy. It didn’t appeal to me.

And Brad Pitt is HOT!!! But it’s not just his looks. It’s that he is so irreverent and casual about his looks!

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To me, hot and sexy are the same. I would say a man could be handsome but not sexy or hot but sexy = hot, i.e. beddable.

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I do think that.
Johnny Depp,Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa are hot (handsome) but not sexy (beddable) to me.
Howie Long, Dolph Lundgren, and Robert Shaw are both.

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Johnny Depp! I found him beddable! He was like, the sexiest man EVER.

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All I will say is this, women are more about aesthetics & so handsome is as handsome does.
As far as finding a bloke sexy, I mean, do your nipples harden when you look at him? :D

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Brad Pitt is attractive, but not sexy to me. Pete Davidson is sexy, but I wouldn’t say that he’s great looking.

Ameer Adbullah is both. :)

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There’s 3 that pop into my mind. In his younger days, I would say that Fabio was hot yet I didn’t see him as sexy. Michael Bolton was the same. Rod Stewart is the third that I’d put in that category

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I agree with all three of those @SEKA

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Oh my god, @Mama_Cakes coming out of obscurity for this questions. I think Pete Davidson’s personality is sexy, which makes him appear sexy. ¯\(ツ)

@janbb so it’s more the wording you find problematic?

We concluded that yes, a man can be one or the other or both. Sexy is an extremely subjective and tricky topic.

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Yes, I see hot and sexy as virtually the same but that a man can be attractive or handsome and not be either of the former words.

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Fred Mcfeely Rogers. From mr. Rogers Neighbourhood.

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Do you have more pics of Brad Pitt?


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I would think there could be a guy who is really good looking but has some very deep personality flaws that would make him “unbeddable.”

I wouldn’t be able to have sex with a white supremacist, no matter how good she looks—as an example. Or a hot girl with bad hygiene? Or gross personal habits?

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I think of hot and sexy as synonymous, but if I really think about it, a man can be sexy and not physically drop dead gorgeous, and it’s the drop dead gorgeous that makes a man hot. Sexy can be more about how the man carries himself, even bough smart or funny he is, I guess hot can be more associated with looks, but I personally would use the two words in the same way.

I don’t use either term for men though. Not with any regularity. I don’t know if I ever use those terms for men? I use, gorgeous, beautiful, attractive, and good looking.

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Physical looks are not as important to me as personality. So a guy can be drop dead gorgeous, but I might not be at all interested in bedding him, even if he was willing….which, in my experience they always were.

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My avatar

Hopefully one way or the other?

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I haven’t been called hot or sexy in a long time!

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Little bit of both @josie! ♥

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Great example – David Duchovny is not maybe traditionally hot, but he is SOOOOOOOOOO SEXY. Damn, I mean, wow, don’t even get me started on that man. Mulderrrrr yes please!!

Overall though no, they are not the same thing, and I agree with you. I can think of lots of people I personally know, who are hot or sexy or handsome or whatever, but that I am not really interested in having sex with. It’s a pretty fascinating thing really, the distinction between the types of attraction. Great question.

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During my dating years, I actively avoided the really physically attractive men, mainly because they all seemed so conceited and cock sure (ha ha.) I gravitated toward men who were into athletics. I found athletic men to be the sexiest.

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