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What is your opinion on the Trump Regime removing non-discrimination protections in healthcare for transgender people?

Asked by ragingloli (46628points) 2 weeks ago

On the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre no less.

Do you think the timing is intentional on their part to highlight their hatred for and cruelty toward the LGBTQ community?

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Yes, I think it is intentional timing.

My guess is that they are trying to hurt as many people as they can before they are voted out of office.

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@elbanditoroso he and his administration are a herd of vicious swine.

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They’re burning down the house on the way out the door.

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I don’t understand why trans people are such a bugbear for the right. It’s clear that this is Trump pandering to his base, doing something that will appeal to “evangelicals” but doesn’t seem to have much practical value. Trans people are a small percentage of the population, why does it matter if they are treated as they gender they have transitioned to by health care services? This and banning them from the military. Were trans people really a problem? Were they causing so much havoc in hospitals that these protections just had to be removed? No. It’s a “culture war” move, nothing more.

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Trump was elected by 27% of the eligible electorate. That’s all he has to appeal to.

They can be stirred up by telling them they are under attack from the mere existence of immigrants, non-whites, LGBTQ, foreigners, “elites”, city-dwellers, Democrats, gun-grabbers and non-fundamentalists.

He also has true believers in the administration who want action taken to make life worse for those supposed enemies. The cruelty is the point.

It’s going to be the ugliest campaign any of us have ever seen.

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I have a question for people who know this stuff. Said “protections” are legal protections against the event a doctor or someone in the medical field refuses to help you due to your sexual orientation, right? If they have a job with insurance, and those in the medical treating them, they shouldn’t really be affected by that, right? I mean, by the Hippocratic oath, they really can’t refuse to treat them, right?

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It is puzzling that the Trump administration at this late date needlessly seeks to antagonize the gay community. Clearly, neither history nor pragmatism is on the side of those still inclined to openly kick gay folks. The truly asinine attempt at purging gays from the military early in Trump’s regime proved definitively that the suppression and exclusion of the gay community is a bygone pastime with only negative consequences befalling those daring to promote it. The courts, and more importantly, public sentiment has clearly relegated the practice to the distasteful revolting offense against basic justice where it belongs. That’s one of the things about Trump that I just plain do not understand. The idea of just plain meanness for meanness sake, even when there is clearly only the possibility of swift detrimental defeat to be realized. This is just another case for the courts to once again slap the fool upside his block head, and that’s just where this is going.

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The Hippocratic oath has no legal meaning. It’s an old saying.

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Non-doctors who own, manage, and staff hospitals (and people who insure and regulate them) can set policies that affect people regardless of what doctors’ moral codes are like.

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@Dutchess I’ve heard countless stories from parents with transgender children who were denied help from a provider. It happens all over our country.

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To answer the OP, I’m so angry I’m spitting blood.

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Because puberty blockers. transgender hormone therapy, in which sex hormones and other hormonal medications are administered to transgender individuals, even children, can have some very bad effects on development and mental health. and cause children to become permanently infertile and unable to have orgasms. There is still a lot not known about them, and the drawbacks are almost never discussed.

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^Please share your resources for these claims.

I know I won’t get them and it really doesn’t matter because most of it is false.

I’m so lucky to live in a city where my child has access to the care that professionals agree is appropriate for him.

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@Yellowdog Transgender people are told of the side effects of hormone treatment and must sign that they acknowledge this before doctor approval. Many trans males freeze their eggs before treatment because they know they can become infertile. Several appointments with a psychiatrist or therapist is also needed before approval. Trump doesn’t care about the mental well-being of transgender people. He is playing to his base that thinks transgender people aren’t natural. They need to be feared. They need Jesus.

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Gender dysphoria is a psychological issue, not a physical one.

There are conditions where a person is born with the wrong genitalia than their genetic chromosome sex, or cases of hermaphrodites, where there are actual physical abnormalities that can be corrected with surgeries. But we’re discussing something different here. Transgender hormone therapy, synthetic hormones, puberty blockers given to CHILDREN for God’s sake…

I suppose people can do whatever they wish with their own bodies, but insurance should not be required to pay for them, nor the consequences that might come later as a result.

Giving puberty blockers to eight year olds, how this is even legal, is beyond my comprehension. Nothing can mess a person up, especially a prepubescent child, by giving drugs that interfere with puberty, physical development, and the onset of their sexuality.

You are thinking of this as a civil rights issue, But no one is denying you the right to do these things. Trump is the first president to approve of transgender and same-sex marriage. And his base really doesn’t care what consenting adults do behind closed doors or to their own bodies cosmetically.

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The Hippocratic Oath has become a joke as many doctors can and have refused to treat patients for their own personal reasons. It has quietly fell by the wayside to keep the general public from catching on. Hospitals are quietly and systematically going private so they aren’t required to accept patients. Only public hospitals are forced to accept every incoming patient regardless of ability to pay. The private hospitals can turn you away even if you’re in the midst of a heart attack (or worse)

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That’s wonderful and surprising news! :-D

I wonder if trump will now try to “fire” Gorsuch.

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I don’t understand how anyone, no matter how stupid and regressive cannot understand that gay bashing as a legal prospect has gone the way of slavery or debtor’s prison.

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