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What kind of bike should I get?

Asked by janbb (59207points) June 23rd, 2020

I’m not a big bicyclist any more but would occasionally like to ride around the neighborhood or into town – perhaps up to 10 -15 miles max. I just took my old Ross10 speed EuroStar out and I think it is finally time to retire it. Beach Cruisers are very popular around here. Should I look for one of those or a road bike with gears again? I will probably go to a second hand bike shop in town to look for a good used one.

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Have you looked at hybrid bikes? They have thick-ish tires like a mountain bike, but they don’t have the serious mountain bike treads. They sit more upright, so they’re comfortable for riding around town, and they have gears. Cruisers don’t usually have gears, which is a big downside (in my opinion).

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If you will use it on the flat, the cruiser is the best lower maintenance option. If there are even low hills, then @hmmmmmm‘s recommendation is good, maybe a three speed. And mind the height of the beast, you are a little older and a little shorter than last time, with a wonky ankle.
Have the funnest of funs!

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I think back to my old 3-speed Schwinn (from 50 years ago) and wish I still had it. Basic fun bike. Not much could go wrong with it, and it was fun to ride. That’s what I would be looking for.

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We have a good second hand bike shop in town. I think I’ll go there in a few weeks if I feel it is safe to go shopping.

I like your idea @hmmmmmm. It is quite flat here but still might do a few hills.

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I don’t anything about bikes, but a friend of mine has a condo in Hilton Head. She said no one had bikes with gears because of the ocean and salty air. She said it ruins the gears in no time. Is that a concern where you live?

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@chyna Good question. I’m about a half mile inland but something to consider because I might ride on the boardwalk at times.

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I know quite a bit about bikes but nothing about what you like and how you will ride. Biggest bit of advice is don’t go too cheap. A quality second hand bike will be light years better. They’re more reliable and will save you endless frustration. The next is to have it fitted properly. Beyond that it’ll be the kind of riding you will do. For just a general bike to ride I usually tell people to go with a hybrid type comfort bike.
They’re durable, forgiving and are perfect for riding around greenways, boardwalks or the city. A bike like that will do 1–20 mile rides no problem.

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A hybrid or a cruiser with gears sounds about right. WIthout hills, you don’t need a big range, 5 speeds or even three is good.

Sand and salt ruin your gears only if you leave the bike outside and never oil the chain. I lived in south bay Los Angeles and rode along the coast and strand a lot. I commuted 20 miles a day. I did not worry about salt and sand.

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A reasonably pried well built bike can be found at Public Bikes Ibought one there last summer, it is a good town bike and perfect for Eastern NJ.

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What’s wrong with the Ross?
Made in the USA.
A tune up, maybe tires and there you go

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@josie Believe me, it has ceased to exist. It was sleeping for a long time but I can tell you, itis a dead parrot, er, bike.

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You also might consider a comfort bike. They’re pretty cheap, you can sit upright, the seats are cushy. As long as you don’t have a ton of hills.

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