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Best music subscription service?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 3rd, 2008

which one should i get? I don’ not want to pay 99 cents per song or 89 or that “shady Russian site that sells it for like 8 cents”. I rather pay $14.00 a month (or so) for unlimited music.

I know there are some that only let you play a song a few times, or you have a limit of how many songs you can dl a month. I don’t mind if it is not DRM free, I don’t CARE if I don’t OWN the song…

I’ve done some research but there are a lot of Fishy stuff, (like the fact that you still have to BUY music even though you have a plan? I mean what’s that about?) has any1 tried any of these plans? (also I just got a sandisk as a test from woot until the 9th when hopefully apple will announce a subscription plan, if not, I’m getting the 120GB Zune (even though I’m a mac guy…sort of (*games on PC)

also, no i do NOT want to dl music for free. I want to PAY the music industry ( or the ARTISTS) but they are not making it easy to choose, each service has some sort of catch…help please :)

sorry for the long post..actually READ b**ches it’s good for you.

*now playing on my….computer: “Hey there Delilah” and “Living Darfur”

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It’s all the same crap. Zune and Rhapsody have “monthly passes” that I believe let you listen to as much as you like per pay period. Additionally, I hear as part of the “MobileMe” initiative by Apple that they’re planning on an “all you can eat” pricing for iTunes… the music side, at least.

Additionally, you could rip all of your CD audio with any number of software programs available out there. So, y’know, in case none of the online avenues were attractive to you, you could just buy a CD and rip all of your tracks that way.

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Edit your copy down b**ches, it’s even better for all of us! ;)

Basically you answered your own question but FWIW Rhapsody is pretty reliable and compatible with several PMPs out there with their “Rhapsody-To-Go” upgrade ($14.99 for streamng and month to month downloads on a player.

As Ll mentioned above, if you already own an iPod, you may want to wait until the end of the month (or at least until the 9th, as they are making some product and service announcements (iTunes v. 8 which purportedly will introduce a similar “unlimited” account, for a flat $99 /year for Mobile Me clients).

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P.S. I’m quite happy with the Haeir Ibiza Rhapsody wifi PMP that is able to download over wifi without connecting to a computer. Basically w/ Rhapsody-to-Go @ $14.99 you have unlimited access to roughly 8M tunes, and can stream from multiple computers as well as DL to multiple PMPs under I e account; the Ibiza “renews” its lease every 30 days over wifi (automatically), and other than the initial login and setup, does unlimited DL direct from the player in a manner similar to the iTunes app on the iPod Touch and iPhone.

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I don’t recommend any subscription plan. The file protections (DRM) are terrible. You have little to no rights with the subscription plan. The music also flat-disappears when you switch music providers, and you have to re-download everything. It really is a bad deal, when for a buck a track (less for whole albums) you can songs in an ownership model where you have plenty more freedom. The current trend is to go DRM-less (amazon, iTunes Plus), where there are no protections, and you are free to do whatever you want with your music.

Just think, do you really want to pay month after month for the ability to listen to the songs you already have, or would you rather play for keeps, and pay when you want/need to?

By the way, the iTunes subscription thing will not happen on the 9th. Likely not ever. So long as Jobs remains at Apple (him being a staunch opponent for the subscription model) , there will be no iTunes subscription plan. Likely never will be.

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