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Do you know any amusing sibling names?

Asked by filmfann (47245points) 2 weeks ago

First, my son’s wife is pregnant again.
Their son is named Logan.
They have announced the new son’s name will be Wade.
So, Logan and Wade. Many will recognize that as Wolverine and Deadpool.

Do you know other amusing sibling names?

(I have one more example I will share later).

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From “Back to the Future” Dr. Browns kids where named Jules and Verne

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I have a friend who named their kids Jason, Freddy, and Michael. All horror movie characters. And now they’re expecting a girl, and I won’t be surprised if they name her Carrie or Regan.

Also, it’s not sibling related, but I had a friend who’s parents were Tom and Jeri.

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I had a friend named Joy when I was young and her sisters were Hope and Holly, and she said her mom named them all after Christmas song lyrics or saying or something like that.

My exboyfriend’s uncle was named Guillermo (William in English) and he named his 3 sons the same name.

One close friends of mine named her kids Alexander and Nicholas. She jokes they are Russian Tzar names. I think she just liked the names.

On a side note I have a friend who named her two girls the same as my sister and I. This was long before I knew her, I met her when her girls were adults already. Also, my exboyfriend’s sister named her two girls the same names as my one of my husband’s boss’ two daughters.

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All of George Foreman’s sons names are George. George Jr., George III, George IV, George V and George VI. All with the middle name of Edward!

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Years ago, I was at a drug store, and a woman walking down an aisle called after her kids, Kyle and Eric. She was pregnant, and I told her not to name the next child Kenny. She looked at me hard, with a “how did you know?” look. Apparently, her husband had been naming the kids, and she had never seen South Park.

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