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What are some examples of funny/rude street names you know or have heard of?

Asked by ucme (45421points) February 25th, 2014

“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to *#!@¥ street?”
“Where the streets have no name they wish

^^ Now that’s what i’m talking about!

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I know of a Bell End in Birmingham!

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I have lived in the Sierra Foothills for 23 years and some of the more colorful names of roads are mostly flavored with a western and wilderness theme.

Gopher Gulch
Slug Gulch
Rusty Nail
Cougar Track
Coyote Junction
Rattlesnake Bar Rd.
Bucks Bar
Salmon Falls Rd.

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It’s possible to grab yourself a house at a bargain knock down price, if you don’t mind the name.

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Just go to Pawtucket, RI. Weirdest street names ever.
One example: Bloodgood Street. The vampires live there. Then there’s Washburn St.
There’s a Dike St. in Providence. It’s almost rude.

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Nearby is the retirement community Rossmoor, and two of the street names there are Golden Rain and Morning Wood.

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I lived on Seed Tick Rd in TN. It was off of Huff and Puff Rd.

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@JLeslie Haha

My last 3 house were on Eden Ln. ( I had a sign carved for my garden that said ” Garden of Eden. )
Serenity Drive ( magical mountain views and a tree farm on the property ) and Zorro Ct. ( Fox in spanish, there were lots of foxes on my property. )
I named my Black Andulusan rooster “Zorro”.

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@Coloma I lived in Lakeland, which was an amusement park many many moons ago. There was a train that took you around the lake and park and you caught the train off of Huff and Puff. Makes perfect sense. :). They kept the road name even after the park closed.

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There was a street in a town I lived next to years ago that had a large ( 350 beds ) retirement home and convalescent home been built, Before it was open for more than a couple years the ton renamed the street, it was Cemetery Rd now it is Club Road.

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My home town had a street called Poddlie Raw, now demolished.

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Red Devil Road is local, so named because it was the home of Underwood Deviled Ham and Tongue.

Some of the redneckier employees petitioned to change the street name because the felt it was anti-Christian. lol)

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We have Bong Street not far from where I live.

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@Cruiser Haha..I had a chinese boss once named “Bong.” Bong Chung.

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Natural progression, @Coloma.

My apologies if that gives anyone a flashback.

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Before I lived in my present home, I would sometimes go by a ‘Fried Meat Street’, and a ‘Dry Bread Road’. (Then they changed the name of Fried Meat St, to my disappointment; I forget the new name, as it obviously couldn’t be as memorable.) There’s a ‘Dead Horse Lane’ in a neighboring town, and I know of a ‘Horse Corner Road’ in NH.

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We visited our daughter in York last fall and got a chuckle from Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate. It also happens to be the shortest street (and the longest street name) in York.

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There’s always Wacker Drive in Chicago

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@anniereborn Can’t leave out Lower Wacker Drive!

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Oh, anyone remember that Heavens Gate cult that committed mass suicide some years ago?
There is a “Heavens Gate” road here, creepy little road in the middle of nowhere down in a hollow. I always wondered about it. lol

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There’s a street in Lake Havasu City, AZ called “Broomrape Lane”. :P

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It’s funny rather than rude but on the way from Phoenix to Prescott, there is a “Table Mesa Road”. One day, driving up north with a hispanic friend, he asked me why the hell someone would name a road “Table Table Road”. (Mesa is the Spanish world for table)

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In New Orleans there is a Tchoupitoulas street. When I lived there I often heard it pronounced “chop-it-too-loose”.

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Broomrape ( Orobanche ) is a plant.
According to wikipedia it is one genus in over 200 parasitic herbaceous plants.
When plants parasitically rape. lol

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I have some broomrape mopfuckicus blooming in my backyard. They’re dirty little plants.

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^^^ LOL

In the genus californication.

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Oh I remember a really bizarre road name!
Years ago some friends bought a property on a tiny little road that the contractor had built 3 homes on 5 acre parcels. The contractors and his wife went by the names ” Boo & Bear” and named the road Boo Bear Lane. So stoopid, my friend hated that roads name. haha

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Years ago I was passing through some hole in eastern Tennessee and I saw an old folk’s home that sat on Loony St.

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Dementia Downs. lol

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