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What's the worst song to wake up to?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34045points) 2 days ago

What song would set your teeth on edge?

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For a while, I was waking up to a Beatles album – mostly fun. But on some days, it was “The Long and Winding Road”. On dark winter mornings at 6 am, that just about broke me.

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Polka your eyes out. By Weird Al Yankovich.

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My Sharona . Boy do I hate that song!

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@janbb But that song has been updated to My Corona!

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^^ Haha! Don’t want to wake up to that either!

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How about 4 more years?

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THIS SONG makes me want to cut a bitch and poke my eyes out.

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I love that song. I used to sing it to my son when he was a baby, and at the appropriate moment, throw open the front door, and sing loud and proud. He loved that. If the neighbors had an opinion, they never said anything, and cops never came around to shut me up.
It got my blood moving.
Of course, it was always between noon and six pm.

For me, the worst would be anything by Freddy Fender or Slim Whitman. I can’t even look for a link for fear of hearing part of it.
Slim was the one that explodes Martians’ heads.

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When I was a sophomore in college, every Friday morning my roommate would play this song. (It had just come out that year and was becoming a huge meme). It was funny at first, then I dreaded Fridays knowing I’d have to hear this stupid song again. lol

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Cgacun a son gout…. I am with @Patty_Melt in liking 4 Non Blondes.

And @Patty_Melt before the Teardrops Fall

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Ahm naught clikken et!

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The one my alarm clock plays. It is a really annoying song made up of one note repeated over and over.

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I hate that song. It once provoked me to destroy my alarm.

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